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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blues Excellence

Blues Excellence

The Blues 

Main St. Edwardsville, Illinois
The Blue Note
Painted by My Mom, Betsy Gerdt
Then a small town
20 miles east of St. Louis.

Bear with me, I have to start at the beginning...

As we reconnected with the music of Levon Helm,

We wondered "What are these Midnight Rambles?"
Well the best way at the time was to get the DVD's
Of the rambles at

These are a great view of Levon's recording studio living room.
They were masterfully created and worth adding to your collection.

They also introduced us to some very talented musicians,
Good people
With an adoration of Levon
And People
And Music.

I particularly enjoyed the concert by

Alexis P Suter and her band.
They blew me away.
Every musician,
No holding back,
Full, forceful, gentle, kind.
Loving, Sadness, Living, suffering, 
Powerful, Honest, and Vulnerable.
The Blues
Blues Excellence

So I recently received a notice that Alexis P Suter has been
Nominated for the Prestigious Koko Taylor award

So well deserved.
All musicians must make their own way to Memphis.
I want to share my feelings that musicians make the world a better place
So please...
Please help Alexis get to Memphis May 7th, 2015

Send donations now to support Stellar Blues Music

The Alexis P Suter Band
Hipbone Records

Alexis put a paypal link at

Click the Hipbone Records Shop page. Thank you so much for your help!!
Their mailing address is:

Hipbone Records
PO Box 310158
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Here is a YouTube that begins to tell Alexis' Story

About Koko Taylor,
May She Rest in Peace
Great Woman Blues Singer.

From her record label.

Notes: this is the 3rd edition this morning.
Somehow the .jpg of the top hat
Kept fighting with me,
Finally emailed myself a copy
And the rest is magic.

Support these talen musicians.
Thank you.  Meg

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