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Saturday, April 4, 2015

A letter I found to myself

I found a letter to myself,

or I suppose to anyone who might stumble onto it.
It is dated in the future,
how strange I did that.
guess I did it that way so I could cool off.
Oh I am cool, alright.
here it is,
more perhaps to follow...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To Whom it May Concern,

Regarding Property Taxes on a 48+10 acre property with homestead
located in Monkton, Vermont, 
where family settlers relocated to
over a hundred years ago.
In 2009, the Town of Monkton attempted to sell a tax lien on our property.
This would have made someone else own our property.
Our property taxes were less than one year late
In the greatest depression we have suffered.
We ended up having to pay 12 thousand dollars that year plus ads, legal costs and penalties and interest. Oh yes, and humiliation and shame at so many people knowing or thinking they know our business.
I am a woman landowner. The Town of Monkton never notified me.
They thought my husband, whose Dad just died should tell me the bad news.
I have been verbally attacked in the town hall by a town official.
No one believes or cares.
When I raised questions of how they selected our property 
they themselves said only certain ones were selected 
but that is because they decided that.
When I asked for how they contacted me they said they didn’t have to.
They all voted together except one, abstention. Not one person in eleven felt I should have been notified. Not one person in eleven thought 
There was anything wrong with trying to sell our property in less than a year property tax delinquent. Even though that may have caused our bank to foreclose. And take more away.

I cannot waste any more of my finite life fighting these people.
The next victim I pray, will be a stronger soul, not battling MS, not afraid to death of courtrooms.
The next victim, I pray will enter the town office will say, “I am proud to be a flatlander! I was born in a city! I was a Tiger in high school, a champion of the debate team! Aggressive pushy lawyer, your worst nightmare to avenge Mary!”

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