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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Like a Lamb



it was 17 years ago and how could i forget it

the leaves were blowing around, facing another endless winter.

we had our own issues at the time, conflicts, struggles of the humans.

then i got laid off,

an RN with 15 years of hospital service, the best physical years of my life spent lifting and tugging and fighting and supporting, encouraging, working all over, ICU, neuro, medical, surgical.

Then they said they did not want me anymore.

the cpa suits came in like happened all over the country.

get rid of rn’s they said, too much money.

the cno at the time was a sheep farmer too.

She said in a meeting, that the layoff was as easy as leading lambs to slaughter.

Personally devastated, a part of me is always scarred by being cast out of the only job I knew and would never again attain the salary i was making then. My retirement stunted. I am bitter.

This sheep on my media card, I am reminded we have something in common, and that is not so bad, really, it just is.


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