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Friday, November 8, 2013

gas pipeline antholgy of articles the last go around...history repeats...

From the Rutland Herald, Bennington Banner and Burlington Free Press

More cartoons about the gas project

GAS LINE IS PLANNED FOR SOUTHWESTERN VT. Two major gas utilities announced plans to bring natural gas into Vermont and to build new electric power plants near Bennington and Rutland.
RHD, Sep 4 1998, A1:1

Firms pitch natural gas pipeline in southern Vermont, includes plan to build power plants.
BFP, Sep 5 1998, 3B:1

TOWN: GAS LINE 'HUGE'. Bennington officials say a proposed natural gas pipeline that would run from Pownal to Rutland and eventually to Middlebury has the potential to spur the growth of existing industries and attract new ones to town.
RHD, Sep 5 1998, 14:5

Rutland mayor Jeffrey Wennberg takes part-time consulting job with company working on plan to run natural gas pipeline from Pownal to Rutland.
BFP, Sep 5 1998, 8B:3

PIPELINE SHOWS LEGISLATURE CAN'T AVOID THE FUTURE. Jack Hoffman, Chief of the Vermont Press Bureau, comments on new energy possibilities, including a proposed natural gas pipeline.
RHD, Sep 6 1998, C1:1 photo,

ANOTHER GAS LINE WEIGHED. The Niagara-Mohawk Power Co. is weighing plans to bring natural gas to Bennington with an eye to serving industrial, commercial and residential customers around town.
RHD, Sep 10, 1998

GAS PIPELINE FIRM PLANS FOR PLANT IN CITY: RUTLAND AND BENNINGTON WOULD BE KEY LINKS. Officials proposing a natural gas pipeline from Rutland to Pownal say they plan to build large electricity-producing plants in Rutland and Bennington.
RHD, Sep 15 1998, 1:1

Rutland Mayor Jeffrey Wennberg takes a job as a part-time consultant with Energy East Corp., the company that will, in part, run a natural gas pipeline from Pownal to Rutland.
RHD, Sep 15 1998, 1:5 photo,

GAS PIPELINE COULD GIVE LOCAL INDUSTRY A BOOST. Plans for a natural gas pipeline extending from Pownal to Rutland and an electric power generator here could be a boon to propel economic development in the area through recruiting and expanding industres.
Bennington Banner, Sep. 15, 1998

Vermont Energy Park Holdings plans to build power plants in Rutland and Bennington, would depend on natural gas pipeline construction and produce more power than Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power facility.
BFP, Sep 16 1998, 5A:2

IT'S A NATURAL. Comment on the proposed natural gas pipeline and power plants for southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Sep 16 1998, 10:1 ed. page,

BUSINESS INTERESTS SEE BENEFITS TO GAS PIPELINE. Proponents of a proposed gas pipeline say it has the potential to give the region a needed economic jolt, making Rutland and Bennington counties a more competitive place to do business.
RHD, Sep 18 1998, A1:2

Make a choice. Rutland mayor Jeffrey Wennberg should not be moonlighting as consultant to Energy East Corp., natural gas pipeline partner, presents conflict of interest situation.
BFP, Sep 19 1998, 4A:1,

IROQUOIS RECORD SPARKS CONCERN. The head of the Vermont Natural Resources Council says her organization will take close look at the plans of Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company to build a natural gas pipeline from Bennington to Rutland.
RHD, Sep 19 1998, A1:1

Pipeline company paid $22 million in fines for environmental violation in New York state project. Iroquois Pipeline Operating Co. of Connecticut, same firm that wants to build natural gas pipeline in Bennington, southwetern Vermont.area.
BFP, Sep 19 1998, 4B:2

POWER PLANTS PROPOSED FOR RUTLAND, BENNINGTON. Rutland and Bennington could become high-power communities if a proposed natural gas pipeline comes to Vermont.
RHD, Sep 20 1998, D3:5

DUAL ROLES. Comment on Rutland City Mayor Jeff Wennberg and his involvement with Energy East Corp., the company that wants to build a natural gas pipeline in southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Sep 23 1998, 10:1 ed. page,

PIPELINE PLAN DRAWS FEW QUESTIONS. Gas pipeline representatives invited Rutland Town officials to ask question about their proposal.
RHD, Sep 29 1998, A11:2

GAS PLANT-DOWNTOWN ROAD IS CONSIDERED. A proposed gas plant in Rutland City sparks interest in a new road that could serve that facility, reduce Route 7 congestion and encourage industrial growth.
RHD, Oct 1 1998, 1:4 photo,

WHOSE CHOICE? Editorial. Manchester Journal. Oct 2, 1998

PIPELINE PROPOSED. Area residents may soon be presented with a tantible plan to bring natural gas into the area, with construction beginning as soon as 2001.
Manchester Journal. Oct. 2, 1998

LETTER TO EDITOR. Economic Growth has High Cost. Oct 8, 1998

TOWN FEARS GAS PLANT MAY BLOCK WATER SOURCE. Rutland Town officials are concerned that a "mammoth" gas plant proposed for their town and Rutland City may plug a well that could provide the long-awaited source of water for their community.
RHD, Oct 9, 1998

PSB RULES NATURAL GAS VT. MARKET WIDE OPEN. State utility regulators removes the first hurdle to the possible development of a natural gas pipeline in southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Oct 10 1998, 11:4

TOWN LEADERS HEAR OVERVIEW OF GAS PIPELINE.Representatives of Southern Vermont National Gas Corp. meet with local Select Boards to provide an overview of the 65-mile pipeline that would run from Pownal to Rutland.
RHD, Nov 7 1998, 1:3

GAS PLANT GETS BENNINGTON NOD. The Select Board gives its unanimous support to a proposed natural gas pipeline and electric generating plant this week but only after raising questions about the project's safety and aesthetics.
RHD, Nov 12 1998, 1:4

COMMISSIONER VOWS SUPPORT FOR PIPELINE PROJECT. "A terrific opportunity," Sedano says. Richard Sedano, commissioner of the Public Service Department, avowed his support for the natural gas pipeline project proposed for southwestern Vermont.
Bennington Banner, November 20, 1998

LETTER TO EDITOR. Solar is Better Than Gas Pipeline. Dec. 15, 1998

PIPELINE PROJECT PROCEEDS APACE. A group proposing to build a natural gas pipeline through southern Vermont says the project remains on schedule.
RHD, Jan 11, 1999

LETTER TO EDITOR. Natural Gas Drawbacks. Jan 18, 1999

TOWN RESIDENTS VOICE CONCERNS OVER GAS PLANT. A few Rutland Town residents meets with the Select Board to voice their concerns about a huge gas plant that is proposed to be built in the town.
RHD, Mar 4 1999, 13:5

PIPELINE PLANS NEARLY COMPLETED. Developers hope to submit final gas line plans within two months.
RHD, Mar 8 1999, 1C:2 map,

Plans move ahead for natural gas pipeline by Southern Vermont Natural Gas, permit application for Bennington to Rutland pipeline expected to be filed soon.
BFP, Mar 18 1999, 6B:1

LETTER TO EDITOR. Dispelling Myths of Natural Gas. March 26, 1999

LETTER TO EDITOR. Pipeline Companies Prone to Lying. April 7, 1999

WOMAN BATTLING 65-MILE PIPELINE. Opposing resolutions are circulating in towns that would be affected by a proposed natural gas pipeline in central and southern Vermont.
RHD, Apr 8 1999, 15:6

Danby woman contests proposed natural gas pipeline by Southern Vermont Natural Gas.
BFP, Apr 9 1999, 3B:1

GAS PLANT DETAILS START TO EMERGE. After six months of hiatus, Rutland Town officials hear more details about a proposed gas plant that would exceed four football fields.
RHD, Apr 13 1999, 11:6

Power plant criticized. Vermont Energy Park Holdings shows site plan to selectboard in Rutland Town. Neighborhood opposition surfaces to prposed $250 million facility.
BFP, Apr 14 1999, 6A:2

LARGE RUTLAND GAS PLANT HAS NEIGHBORS WORRIED. Executives promoting a gas-fired power plant proposed for Rutland Town are thinking big.
RHD, Apr 18 1999, 3D:5

DORSET BOARD OPPOSES GAS PIPELINE. Citing environmental, safety and property concerns, the Dorset Select Board goes on record against a natural gas pipeline that would run along the Route 7 corridor.
RHD, Apr 23 1999, 12:1

DORSET BOARD SAYS "NO GAS" Manchester Journal. April 23, 1999

Dorset selectboard against NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline project, says generating plants could have negative impact on town.
BFP, Apr 24 1999, 4B:1

NEW GAS ROUTE WOULD CROSS 200 PROPERTIES. Southern Vermont Natural Gas plans to propose a route for its 65-mile pipeline that would mean the pipe will need to be buried along some 200 private properties in Bennington and Rutland counties.
Bennington Banner, April 28, 1999

FARMER FIGHTS PIPELINE, WINS SUPPORT. Annette Smith was interrupted several times by spontaneous applause. People shook her hand and gave her crumpled-up dollars to help her cause.
Bennington Banner, April 28, 1999

LATEST PIPELINE PLAN IS NO EASY SELL. Editorial. Bennington Banner. April 29, 1999

Gas pipeline would affect 200 properties in Bennington and Rutland counties.
BFP, Apr 30 1999, 5B:3

CITY NOT BURNING TO FIGHT GAS PLANT. City leaders give a cool reaction to a letter from the Dorset Select Board opposing a large natural gas plant planned for Rutland.
RHD, May 4 1999, 11:6

SHAFTSBURY SELECT BOARD: PIPELINE! YES! In a unanimous vote, the Select Board agreed to sign a resolution supporting the proposed gas pipeline.
Bennington Banner. May 4, 1999

VERMONT ENERGY SEEKING A THIRD GAS PLANT IN NY. A group that wants to build one of the largest gas plants in the nation in Rutland and a smaller one in Bennington is now looking to construct another plant in New York.
RHD. May 8 1999

GAS PIPELINE OFFICIALS WITHDRAW REQUEST. Executives of the companies that are hoping to bring a natural gas pipeline into southern Vermont have withdrawn a request they made to planning commissions in the county that has become what one company official called a "PR nightmare."
Bennington Banner. May 8-9, 1999

GAS LINE HEARING TO BE SET IN DANBY. A group of local citizens that are opposed to a proposed gas pipeline running through Danby will soon find out whether the town will support or reject the project.
RHD, May 11 1999, 11:6

Danby to take stance on pipeline, public hearing scheduled on NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline project.
BFP, May 12 1999, 3B:2

PUBLIC, STAY HOME: BOARDS ASKED TO ATTEND GAS MEETING. SVNG wants town officials to attend a private meeting-- but doesn't want the public included.
Bennington Banner. May 13, 1999

PIPELINE FOE CALLS FOR ADVOCATE TO FIGHT 'SALES JOB'. An opponent of the natural gas pipeline project wants the state to hire an independent public advocate to look out for Vermonters' rights.
Bennington Banner. May 13, 1999

VERMONT HAS ENOUGH HOOPS TO JUMP THROUGH. Annette Smith is a one-woman wrecking crew who has made it her mission to derail a proposed gas pipeline project for southwest Vermont. Editorial.
Bennington Banner. May 14, 1999

LEARN ABOUT THE GAS PROJECT FIRST. Commentary. Bennington Banner. May 15-16, 1999

BOARD HEAD PROMISES NO CONFLICT OVER PROPOSED GAS PIPELINE. Representative James Colvin denied allegations that his status as vice-president of a nonprofit corporation creates a conflict of interest for his wife Select Board Chair Lodie Colvin.
Bennington Banner. May 20, 1999

GAS PROJECT PART OF BIGGER PICTURE. Commentary by Richard Sedano. Bennington Banner. May 21, 1999

PIPELINE PLAN STIRS SEEDS OF DISCONTENT IN SOUTH. Southern Vermont Natural Gas starts groundwork on pipeline from Benington to Rutland.
RHD, May 23 1999, Sec A 3:1

NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline project foes form opposition group. Organizer has a "desire to keep Vermont clean and our environment unpolluted."
BFP, May 23 1999, 3B:1

GAS PIPELINE PROTEST MAY AFFECT PLANT. A mounting grass-roots effort in southern Vermont to stop the installation of a 65-mile-long natural gas pipeline to several proposed electric generating facilities could also affect plans to build a $400 million electric generating plant off Route 5.
Albany Times Union. May 24, 1999

VERMONTERS FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT VOWS TO FIGHT GAS PIPELINE PROJECT. The utility companies behind a plan to bring natural gas to southern Vermont are using underhanded tactics to mislead Vermonters, the leader of a new organization opposing the project said Wednesday.
Bennington Banner. May 27, 1999

PIPELINE ENEMY CREATES GROUP. A subsistence farmer from Danby who has waged a one-woman campaign against proposed natural gas pipeline calls on Vermonters to join her in defeating the project.
RHD, May 27 1999, 18:2

LOOMING THREAT. Editorial. Manchester Journal. May 28, 1999

GAS PROJECT RUSH JOB PORTENDS PROBLEMS WITH PIPELINE PROPOSAL. Commentary by Annette Smith. Manchester Journal. May 28, 1999

Danby woman campaigns against NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline, two town selectboards join opposition.
BFP, May 30 1999, 3B:1

STATE REGULATORS VOW UNITY ON PIPELINE. State regulators offer assurances that they are working together to forecast the effects and minimize any harm from a proposed natural gas pipeline.
RHD, Jun 2 1999, 16:2

STATE: NATURAL GAS IS BETTER. Despite significant environmental impacts, the state Department of Public Service has endorsed the creation of natural gas-fired power plants in Vermont.
RHD, Jun 3 1999, 19:3

Residents of southern Vermont hear details on proposed NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline.
BFP, Jun 3 1999, 3B:1

DEAN: 'PUT UP OR SHUT UP' ON PIPELINE, RT. 7. Gov. Howard Dean says business leaders must back the natural gas pipeline and Route 7 improvements if they want to create good new jobs in southwestern Vermont.
Bennington Banner. June 4, 1999

INDUSTRIAL LEADERS BACK GAS PIPELINE. The natural gas pipeline would give manufacturers a significant savings in energy costs, two major employers said Thursday.
Bennington Banner. June 4, 1999

Public Service Department endorses gas power plants proposed for Rutland and Bennington areas, to be supplied by NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline.
BFP, Jun 4 1999, 3B:1

SEDANO: STATE'S PIPELINE DECISION MUST BE BALANCED. Although the state is sympathetic to the concerns of landowners whose property would be disturbed by a proposed natural gas pipeline, it must take a "long view" when deciding whether to approve the project, according to Public Service Commissioner Richard Sedano.
RHD. June 5, 1999

Governor Dean calls on business to back proposed NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline, "reads riot act" to opponents, saying it is critical to more and better jobs.
BFP, Jun 5 1999, 5B:2

Go a little easier on us, Governor, Bennington Banner, June 7, 1999

We are taking measures to improve business in southwestern Vermont, Letter to the editor, Bennington Banner, June 10, 1999

Truth, gas and hot air -- how to stop the natural gas pipeline, June 11, 1999

ARLINGTON WON'T ENDORSE PIPELINE. The select Board of Arlington town refuses to support a natural gas pipeline that would run through the city.
RHD, Jun 16 1999, 16:1

Local Leaders: Dean forcing plans on area, Bennington Banner, June 16, 1999

Dean Slams Critics, Vermont Press Bureau, June 17, 1999

Governor Dean eases rhetoric on pipeline and road plans for Bennington, Rutland, southwest area.
BFP, Jun 17 1999, 1B:7

Dorset selectboard wants residents' blessing in fight against proposed NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline.
BFP, Jun 20 1999, 6B:3

GAS PIPELINE GETS COOL RECEPTION IN ARLINGTON. Proposed southern Vermont natural gas pipeline's route to have possibilites to bypass Arlington causes apprehension among town's select board.
RHD, Jun 20 1999, Sec D 3:5

COUNSEL ENLISTED TO FIGHT PIPELINE. Unable to obtain information about proposed natural gas pipeline, the Select Board in Dorset ask for and win taxpayer approval to hire a consultant to represent it in the state permitting process.
RHD, Jun 23 1999, 16:3

PIPELINE SERVES NO PUBLIC GOOD. Member of Bennington County Regional Commission questions proposed pipeline of Southern Vermont Natural Gas and proposed power plants of Energy Park Holdings.
RHD, Jun 24 1999, 14:4,

Dorset to hire consultant to plan pipeline strategy, will help decide whether to fight proposed NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline.
BFP, Jun 24 1999, 3B:1

GAS PIPELINE PROJECT MERITS DISCUSSION. Vermonter voices his opinion on the controversial issue of new gas plants and pipelines in Southern Vermont.
RHD, Jun 27 1999, Sec C 3:1 ; photo,

DORSET NEIGHBORS BACK FARM FAMILY. Proposed gas pipeline to go through family farm angers neighbors and forces them to authorize Select Board to hire consultant to oppose the project.
RHD, Jun 28 1999, 1:4 photo,

BENNINGTON BUSINESS GROUP ENDORSES GAS PIPELINE. Bennington County Industrial Corp endorses a proposed natural gas pipeline.
RHD, Jul 2 1999, 14:2

TINMOUTH TO BATTLE 63-MILE GAS LINE. Tinmouth Planning Commission votes to oppose natural gas pipeline.
RHD, Jul 2 1999, 11:2

ERRORS AND MISSTATEMENTS ABOUT PIPELINE. Commentary regrading proposed natural gas project for southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Jul 2 1999, 8:4,

DANBY WEIGHS PIPELINE:VOTERS TO DECIDE TOWN'S POSITION. Voters to decide town's official position on a 63-mile natural gas pipeline proposed for southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Jul 5 1999, 9:4

Danby residents to vote on NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline, 63-mile line would run through town.
BFP, Jul 6 1999, 3B:3

GAS PIPELINE PROJECT A HUGE MISTAKE. Resident discusses the disadvantages of the proposed Gas pipeline project.
RHD, Jul 11 1999, Sec C 3:1,

PROJECT INVESTORS SOUGHT. Natural Gas and pipeline project seeks investors.
RHD, Jul 28 1999, 1:5

Gas pipeline opponents in Danby post their land, officials with NY-Vt. natural gas pipeline company say tactic won't stop project.
BFP, Jul 29 1999, 4B:1

RUTLAND IN DARK ON GAS PLANT PLANS: Member of the Rutland City Board of Aldermen questions planning of proposed electric generating plants and natural gas pipelines in Southern Vermont.
RHD, Aug 4 1999, 11:1 editorial,

CITY FORMS COMMITTEE TO REVIEW GAS PROJECT. Rutland City to review plan to build gas plant.
RHD, Aug 10 1999, 13:4

PIPELINE REVIEW COSTS EYED: State auditor investigates proposal aimed at having natural gas pipeline proponents cover state review charges into project.
RHD, Aug 13 1999, 1:5

State Auditor questions Natural Resource Agency's role in review of Bennington-to-Rutland natural gas pipeline.
BFP, Aug 13 1999, 3B:1

Gas plant in Rutland would use sewage effluent for cooling, says spokesperson for Vermont Energy Park Holdings.
BFP, Aug 15 1999, 3B:1

NO SHORT CUTS: Editorial examines controversy behind Dean-endorsed Bennington-Rutland natural gas pipeline.
RHD, Aug 19 1999, 8:1 editorial,

The Governor's gas pipeline, Manchester Journal commentary, August 20, 1999

CITY SEEKS PLANT INPUT: Rutland City officials want more say in permitting process for gas-fired generating plant.
RHD, Aug 21 1999, 11:5

GAS PLANT FOES GAIN NOTED ALLY: Former television producer and political activist Norman Lear joins group opposing construction of southwestern Vermont gas plant and pipeline.
RHD, Aug 25 1999, 1:3 photo,

Television producer Norman Lear joins fight over Bennington-to-Rutland natural gas pipeline.
BFP, Aug 27 1999, 3B:1

LEAR EXPLAINS ROLE IN GAS PLANT FIGHT: Television producer and political activist explains oppostion to proposed gas pipeline.
RHD, Aug 27 1999, 12:3

GAS PLANT VOTE SPURS SKEPTICISM. Danby residents will vote on a $1 billion proposal to build a natural gas pipeline and two power plants in southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Sep 2 1999, 1:1

Gas pipeline opponent urges Danby against referendum, woman says plan of Energy Park Holdings not well understood by residents.
BFP, Sep 3 1999, 5B:1

GAS-FIRED OPPOSITION. Partners Robert Votaw and former state Sen. Thomas Macaulay, R-Rutland, have been trying to line up several hundred million dollars in financing to pipe natural gas into Vermont's southwest corner to fuel a gas-fired power station in Bennington and another one in Rutland.
RHD, Sep 5 1999, C1:2 photo,

Natural gas pipeline offers promise to some, heartbreak to others. Sam and Faye Hepburn of Tinmouth could lose deal to sell spring water to Vermont Pure.
BFP, Sep 5 1999, 1B:2 photo,

PIPELINE VOTE SET IN DANBY. The Danby Select Board decided to proceed with plans to ask voters whether Danby should support the construction of a proposed natural gas pipeline through town despite pleas from a project opponent that the vote is premature.
RHD, Sep 8 1999, 13:2

DANBY DEBATES PIPELINE. Danby citizens questioned the merits of Southern Vermont Natural Gas's plans to build a 65-mile pipeline from Bennington to Rutland, which would be anchored by two gas-powered electric generating plants proposed by Vermont energy Park Holdings Co.
RHD, Sep 15 1999, B1:6

PIPELINE OPPOSED IN DANBY. Danby residents strongly opposed a proposed natural gas pipeline through their town in anon-binding referendum.
RHD, Sep 16 1999, A1:5

CROWD IS SKEPTICAL ABOUT GAS PIPELINE, PLANT. Proponents of a natural gas pipeline and power plant faced a deeply skeptical crowd at a public forum in Bennington.
RHD, Sep 17 1999, A11:2

Danby residents vote against gas pipeline proposal.
BFP, Sep 17 1999, 3B:1

Bennington residents criticize pipeline at forum. Health and safety concerns over proposal by Vermont Energy Park Holdings to build power plants in Rutland and Bennington.
BFP, Sep 18 1999, 4B:5

BENNINGTON MULLS GAS PLANT VOTE. Select Board members are considering calling for a non-binding referendum to help them stake out a position on a controversial natural gas project.
RHD, Sep 19 1999, A3:3

TINMOUTH VOTES 85-0 AGAINST GAS PIPELINE. Second Rutland County vote against proposed natural gas project.
RHD, Sep 23 1999, 11:2

DEAN:PIPELINE DETAILS NEEDED. Gov. Howard Dean reiterated his support for controversial natural gas project.
RHD, Sep 25 1999, 14:5 photo,

PIPELINE MEETING SET IN CLARENDON. The Select Board sets a tentative date for an informational meeting on a Southern Vermont Natural Gas plan to run a 65-mile pipline from Bennington to Rutland.
RHD, Oct 1 1999, 11:1

PIPELINE MOTION DEMANDS DETAILS. The Sunderland Select Board joins the rank of those opposed to a natural gas pipeline that would run from Bennington to Rutland.
RHD, Oct 11 1999, 12:3

AUDITOR"S GAS PLAN REVIEW ON HOLD. State Auditor Edward Flanagan puts a hold on his investigation into whether or not the Agency of Natural Resources should allow the Iroquois Pipeline System to build sixty-three-mile natural gas pipeline into Vermont.
RHD, Oct 12 1999, 11:5

NATURAL GAS PIPELINE PLAN 'ON HOLD.' A lack of financing has either delayed or killed the plan to build a natural gas pipeline and two electric generating plants.
RHD, Oct 22 1999, A1:1 sketch,

Power developer withdraws application. Electric generating plant and gas pipeline in southwestern Vermont is put on hold by Vt. Energy Park Holdings.
BFP, Oct 23 1999, 6C:5

MORE SNAGS FOR GAS PLAN. Southern Vermont Natural Gas says that unless its partner in the $1 billion project of bringing natural gas to southern Vermont obtains financing for two proposed gas electric generating plants, the company will be forced to re-examine its role in the project.
RHD, Oct 26 1999, 1:3

VPIRG: GAS PROJECT WILL POLLUTE, NOT CUT RATES. The Vermont Public Interest Research Group says that massive gas pipeline and two power plants proposed for southwestern Vermont will increase air pollution and not reduce electric bills.
RHD, Oct 28 1999, 11:2

NO SUPPORT VOICED IN CLARENDON FOR GAS PROPOSAL. Several area residents expressed concerns that the natural gas project proposed for south-western Vermont would pollute, affect water resources, and reduce property values.
RHD, Oct 29 1999, 11:2

Vt. Public Interest Research Group study: Proposed gas pipeline and power plants in southwestern Vermont would add to pollution.
BFP, Oct 29 1999, 3B:1

Pipeline opposition surfaces in Clarendon, Vermont Energy Park Holdings company says project is victim of misinformation.
BFP, Oct 31 1999, 3B:1

Dean: Decent jobs require decent roads -- Rutland Herald, Nov. 2, 1999

COUNTERING PLAGUE OF MISINFORMATION (Commentary: Thomas Macaulay): Tom Macaulay, partner in Vermont Energy Park Holdings tries to counter misinformation about proposed construction of power plants in Bennignton and Rutland.
RHD, Nov 4 1999, 9;3 ed. page,

DANBY OFFICIALLY OPPOSES GAS LINE: Town officials have gone on record opposing the construction of a natural gas pipeline through Danby.
RHD, Nov 10 1999, 15:6

CLARENDON BOARD JOINS OPPOSITION TO GAS LINE. The Clarendon Select Board votes against allowing the Southern Vermont Natural Gas company to construct a 63-mile pipeline that would run through Clarendon.
RHD, Nov 13 1999, 11:2

Future's so bright: Vermonters' predictions upbeat -- Rutland Herald, Jan. 1, 2000

Web photo of Vermont doesn't tell real story. Criticism of Gov. Howard Dean for position on proposed natural gas pipeline. (Monday Morning, Annette Smith, exec. dir. of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Danby). BFP, Jan 10 2000, 7A:3,

Sunderland to vote on gas pipeline project -- Rutland Herald, Jan. 16, 2000

'Dormant' gas project alive but again pushed back -- Rutland Herald, Feb. 12, 2000

Southwest gas pipeline project alive, opponents might file suit to stop it.
BFP, Feb 13 2000, 6B:1

State's pollution plans questioned, proposed southwest Vt. gas pipeline power plants anger some.
BFP, Feb 14 2000, 1A:1

Dirtier air? Vt. cannot expect to win a lawsuit against polluters in other states if it allows more pollution here.
BFP, Feb 20 2000, 4E:1

CONTROVERSIAL PIPELINE MAY STILL BE IN THE WORKS. Vermont Energy Park Holdings expects to find financing for the proposed $1 billion pipeline that the company wants to build in southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Feb 20 2000, D3:5

Vermonters beware, the state is ruining our environment. Criticism of Dean Administration for support of gas pipeline power plants in southwest Vt. (It's My Turn, Annette Smith, exec. dir., Vermonters for a Clean Environment).
BFP, Feb 29 2000, 9A:1,

Manchester voters approve new roundabout plan -- Rutland Herald, Mar 5, 2000

Pipeline route is dead, Dean says -- Rutland Herald, Mar 7, 2000

Gov. Dean says plans are dead for natural gas pipeline along Bennington-Rutland Route 7 corridor.
BFP, Mar 8 2000, 3B:5

Gas pipeline supporters say Route 7 path still alive -- Rutland Herald, March 11, 2000

Pipeline pipedreams. Vermonters should not be too quick to celebrate the demise of a natural gas pipeline project along U. S. Route 7.
BFP, Mar 12 2000, 4E:1,

Developers not giving up on pipeline, Governor Dean withdrew support for natural gas project along U. S. Route 7.
BFP, Mar 12 2000, 3B:1

VPIRG STANDS BY ITS FINDINGS ON GAS PROJECT: Vermont Public Interest Research Group affirms findings that power plants, gas pipeline should not be built for southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Mar 17 2000, 11:5

RESIDENTS WOULD HAVE GREATER VOICE: Bennington, Rutland senators band together to give constituents greater say in SW state pipeline proposal.
RHD, Mar 17 2000, 11:5

Manchester officials reluctant to come out against pipeline -- Rutland Herald, Mar. 19, 2000

Dean and Pollina pitch 'green' records -- Rutland Herald, Mar 19, 2000

Vt. seeks emissions waiver, Agency of Natural Resources proposes alternatives for dealing with nitrogen oxides.
BFP, Mar 24 2000, 1B:6

Don't compromise Vermont's clean air. Instead of sidestepping air pollution standards, Vermont needs to do more to foster clean air.
BFP, Mar 28 2000, 8A:1,

Emissions request on hold. State sought leeway on Clean Air Act.
BFP, Mar 30 2000, 1A:1

Environmental group claims knowledge of new pipeline plan -- Rutland Herald, April 7, 2000

It's not dead yet: Pipeline backers push toward goal -- Bennington Banner, April 20, 2000

Natural gas pipeline proposal by Southern Vermont Natural Gas remains alive.
BFP, Apr 21 2000, 3B:4

Apr 21: Plan to change Jard site zoning opposed -- Bennington Banner

Gas plant evolution unnerves residents -- Bennington Banner, April 21, 2000

Dean mellows over development conflict. Tells Manchester group that opposition to natural gas pipeline not necessarily anti-business sentiment.
BFP, May 19 2000, 3B:3

Environmental group, Conservation Law Foundation, has interests called into question by opponents of southwest Vt. natural gas pipeline. (Sam Hemingway)
BFP, May 28 2000, 1B:1

Pipeline plan faces scrutiny. Power plants proposed for Bennington and Rutland must fit into New England electric power grid.
BFP, May 29 2000, 3B:1

PIPELINE WOULD FACE WIDE REVIEW PROCESS. The proposed natural gas pipeline and power plant for Bennington and Rutland would have to fit into the New England-wide electrical generating system to gain approval.
RHD, May 30 2000, B4:1

Jard zoning left alone -- Bennington Banner, June 13, 2000

Bennington deals pipeline a blow -- Rutland Herald, June 16, 2000

Is This Democracy? The Northern Forest Forum, Summer 2002

Gov. Dean fields questions, comments from CAT-TV viewers -- Bennington Banner, August 2, 2000

50/50 CHANCE FOR GAS POWER PLANT HERE, Bennington Banner, Sep 12, 2000.


PIPING UP. Gov. Howard Dean vowed to do everything in his power to prevent New York State Electric and Gas from building a natural gas power plant and pipeline in southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Sep 14 2000, B4:2

Dean rails against pipeline proposal for southwest Vermont.
BFP, Sep 14 2000, 7B:1

VERMONT FIGHT MAY BOLSTER PLANT FOES - Albany Times-Union, September 14, 2000.

DEAN DENOUNCES POWER PLANT PLAN. Gov. Howard Dean left little doubt that he opposes a proposed natural gas power plant and pipeline in southwestern Vermont.
RHD, Sep 17 2000, D3:5

POLLUTION WAIVER PLANS PUT ON HOLD. The state has dropped plans to ask permission from the federal government to exceed limits on the amount of nitrous oxide, a pollutant, emitted by Vermont industries.
RHD, Sep 21 2000, B2:1

State won't seek waiver from federal rules on nitrous oxide emitted by Vermont industries.
BFP, Sep 22 2000, 5B:1

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