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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Take Me Back to Park Slope

Take Me Back to Park Slope,
by Mary E Gerdt 2013 all rights reserved.
Dedicated to paula b. who shared her story with me of the old neighborhood.

Take me Back to Park Slope

Oh, Kind Sir, Can you help me?

I’m lost and I can’t find my way,

I took a wrong turn,

And now need to learn,

The way back to my old neighborhood.

You know it when you see it,

I’m sure you know just where I mean,

There’s a street full of people,

And a church with a steeple,

And the vendors are open all day.

The baby carriages strolling,

Horse carriages casually rolling.

No hurry for here,

Any day of the year,

Your work is a labor of love.

We toiled to build the bridges,

Fresh off the overseas boats,

We stick built these homes,

Now all I do is roam,

And search for the place that’s not there.

Take me back to my Mother,

She’s the one with the kind heart and face,

She gave color to our home,

Now all I do is roam,

And search for the home of my youth.

Take me back to

Park slope,

On a Fine Sunny Sunday afternoon,

We’ll stroll there,

Redeem our soul there,

not even toll there,

For we’re in heaven






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