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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guest Editorial. Monkton Chronicles

Guest Editorial

Monkton Chronicles...and beyond.

Contributed by Dr. Katharine Hikel,
and I do keep quoting doctors because they usually care about people's health...
they also are in the know about who knows who and how things get funded.
it is not rocket science.
Thanks Hr. Hikel for speaking up...

One the inevitable industry price-jacking of shale gas as soon as everyone is hooked:

Gas prices worldwide:

The Economist explains why prices must rise:

So it's not going to be a form of cheap (or clean) energy. The only reason for justifying the use of shale gas is that we have a lot of it.

I would also like to call attention to the presence of Don Gilbert (VT Gas CEO) as chair of the compensation committee on the Board of Trustees at Fletcher Allen Health Care (which buys over $1M/year of his product). This is an egregious conflict of interest; and surely his activities on behalf of the gas company are not in keeping with the supposed mission of a nonprofit medical center. Perhaps more people should call for his resignation - as at Board meetings, which are open to the public, for which the schedule is here:

I have emailed Board Member Patti Fisher, MD, about this; she forwarded my call for his resignation to the Board Chair, so there is the first stone.

Katharine Hikel, MD

Now I want to add a few fall  photos to get  you in the 2013



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