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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Swallows Left

The Swallows Left Monkton last week,

and I did not really notice the exact date.

Fred wrote it in on the calendar
like he does every year.

They had a really great year,
Chubby and healthy, spry, active and they had a couple of good broods.

I wonder where they go, how far down south,
south of the equator?

Then wonder, do they know the hurricane predictions,
without radar?
Where to duck for cover on the trip?
How to pace the trip with the food supply?
How to keep the hawks from eating the little ones?
Do they ever get lost?
No matter what, it is quieter without the swallows chattering on the line

I still attribute their population increase to the decline in bats,
and yet I have no science to back this.

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