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Saturday, September 1, 2012



on Steroids.

Another Concept
referred to  by
Edgar Cayce
and other mystics
and dreamers.

Do you ever
open a book and find
it is exactly where you wanted to be?

Do you ever get somewhere and find something
you needed and yet were not looking for it?

Do you ever paint a picture,
What is it that
you are trying to say,
and when you are done,
You see the results,
so obvious,
a perfect result,
then you show another person
and they are affected,
with the emotion you had,
brush in hand, struggling to find the right
colors, strokes, tempo,
and you see the message as a thread
between you and another person,
and you see how special it is
that this whole experience even happened
as it was meant to be,
The Timing felt so right,
That is


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