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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Geneology Links

Links to history
I have been doing some research on our family roots and really it boils down
to Swedish, Bohemian and Prussian,
well sort of.

You start to see some blurriness and nomadic activity which I suppose was my biggest first surprise.
Somehow it seemed people back then, would have just stayed put somewhere, forever.
The links below are roughly organized, the first group are about Bishop Hill and our Swedish ancestors. Then Bohemian, then Prussian.
They really apply to many descendants of immigrants from Europe between 1830 and 1880.
Escaping religious constraints, economic pressures, forced military service, joblessness,
population growth, they came to the U.S.
Go back a bit farther in European history and you see the oppression, conquering, disease, slavery.
It took the Teutonic knights over 50 years to kill half the Prussians. Did all that strengthen those who were born before me, my source?

Bishop Hill History,+Women,+Communism,+and+the+Rise+and+Fall+of+the+Bishop+Hill+Utopia+in+Illinois


Describes the trip for Gold Rush

Describes Bigfoot sighting…about 28 down Myrtengreen

List of Henry co residents

Study guide Swedish and Bohemian immigrants

History of Illinois Settlement

About Bohemia History

For Slovakia history

Some Prussian history


"The German is like a willow.
No matter which way you bend him,
he will always take root again."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn -


More specifically about Gerd Vor Der Mark:

Where did they come from in the middle ages and made their name?

For some related people (some written in German):







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