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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Thoughts on Gaz, #Fracking and the Future

I'm awake and I found this gem I wrote ..Like the Psalm Challenge from a few years ago, hosted by Robert Geiss, when you read the Psalm...the Song, it has different meaning depending on the context in which you read it. Today, years later, I woke up early and thought about Vermont's divergent roads. One ☝🏾 is fracker free, no pipeline extension, no extension cord from Canada to NYC,no Gaz to Vernon shut down nuclear plant. One road is leaving Vermont littered with soon to be obsolete gigundo solar mirrored fields, huge windmills placed on blasted mountaintops, vibrating the neurological system of man woman child and beasts,an extension cord the length of Lake Champlain after dredging a pathway. Disturbing fish 🐟 habitat,and revolutionary war relics and bones from soldiers in sunken war ships.Not least is the Trans Vermont pipeline. Now made shallower by the PSB now called PUC.

Sunday Psalm for #Fracking fighters

Sing me a song,
Of a Pipeline gone wrong,
and I'll tell you it's 
all about Gaz.

Pipefitters on Meth,
Drawing their last breath,
Welding their pipes,
A faint smell of Death.

Journalists Swoon,
Singing the Gaz Tune,
Keeping their Advertising,
Their Position Uncomprimising.

Politicians are told,
PSB knows the score,
3 feet underground?
Yes, said the....PSB.
no, this doesn't rhyme at all w/ me either...

Fracking voted down,
In each Hamlet & Town,
Gaz, he don't care,
He wants to be Everywhere.
(or is gaz a she, or an it...)

A 16 year old could see,
The Folly, 
like you & Me,
of a pipeline of Hell,
Rome Fell,
He saw the Future like We,
#fracking fighters
We Be. 

notes meg:
We love the Earth,
Our back yard,
our water,
our soil.
We love the Lake,
it gives us
Beauty, environment, fish, recreation.
We watch as the dinosaur bone wars continue.
Battles over fossil fuels-limited, finite, toxic.
Fuel prices going up again. Wars...
Is this to prop up the (un) natural gaz market?
Cram all these pipelines....through our rural neighborhood.
Not through the beautiful peoples' backyards,
they already winked and nodded and signed off in invisible ink. Oh yes, and New York State successfully averted a pipeline from Canada to International paper which sits on Lake Champlain across from Shoreham, Vermont. So why is NY silent about their "half" of the Lake Champlain which is earmarked for a high pressure gaz pipeline originating in Alberta, Canada? Maybe because their half of that part of the lake is a toxic sludge pile from vintage paper making. If I crossed all this out, it is because no one dares predict the combination of fermented chemicals and a burst pipeline...come will happen. Freeze,-thaw,-pipefitters on meth, in a hurry, defective products, wear and tear. The fricking lake freezes over with Feet of ice. God help us all.meg


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