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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gaz Trans Vermont Pipeline Update #fracking


Trying to insert letters here....bear with me 😎

Update... I couldn't post letters here. I give up πŸ˜•Meg

Public Voice silenced....Rachel comments ignored by Vermont psb 

If Rachel was in Charge,
The world 🌎 would be a better place...

Rachel's comments:

Attached is a VGS filing just received, requesting "non substantial change" determination for failure to bury the pipe deep as required by CPG and by agreement with VELCO (last May!). Also attached is a letter from VELCO saying it is all OK with them (Gaz Metro owns both).  

Some of you will recall that Cisco had taken photos of a section of pipe in New Haven wetland area that was buried very shallow (and in standing water). Those photos were delivered to the federal regulatory agency (PHMSA) along with our complaints last October, and again in April. The issue was raised and photo was also presented to GC Morris, the DPS inspector, at the forum held with DPS/ June Tierney. Cisco thereafter visited the site with GC Morris. That is the area referred to here in VGS request.  

The depth requirement was part of the CPG - and part of VGS agreement with VELCO - to bury the pipe 4 feet when inside the VELCO right of way. They are also to have buried the pipe 5 feet in agricultural lands - so farm tools do not contact the pipe - And some landowners also had various stipulations re depth associated w easements.  

No doubt, everywhere else along the route - where nobody happened to be watching and taking pics - is buried just right…?

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