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Monday, June 26, 2017

Breaking πŸ¦…#Fracking Trans Vermont Pipeline Update


Updates from the Stop the Trans Vermont Pipeline group...
First, summary by Rachel...

summer is fun time, but this truly cannot be missed….

On June 2, VGS filed a "request for nonsubstantial change" over their failure to bury the pipe properly in New Haven, along with a letter from VELCO saying it was OK with them. (i have those if you want and cannot access). This shallow burial was an admission of what we already knew to be the case - Cisco had taken photos, we had delivered those and other related concerns to PHMSA…and to GC MOrris at the public forum with June Tierney etc etc. SO they could not hide it. 

But a bunch more research has been done in the meantime, and some public record requests. Pieces began to fall into place... The story becomes quite a bit more damming indeed, with implications re whether there was ANY implementation of conditions of the CPG...

The filing submitted by Jim Dumont (on behalf of some of Protect Geprags, Kristen Lyons) is attached and a real page turner. 

PS: Note that the PSB took public comments on the nonsubstantial request until last Friday. DPS comment on the matter even at this stage states that they consider the depth of cover failure in New Haven to be a <<>> deviation from the CPG.  

not given up yet

***notes from Mary: I was unable to post the filing. It is a page turner...meg

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