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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gaz Update #Fracking

Gaz update

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Mass Direct Action to Stop the Pipeline

Jane Palmer •
Event: Oct 20, 2016, 8:30 AM
On Thursday, October 20th, Vermont’s climate movement will come together for a mass direct action to stop construction of the Vermont Gas Pipeline. Vermont Gas Systems (VGS), along with most politicians, and many Vermonters think the fight is over and the pipeline is a done deal, but our movement is in this for the long haul, and we’re not giving up.
The climate movement is on the rise throughout the country and around the world. Here in Vermont, we’ve put up a heck of a fight. Through this work, we’ve made a major impact on Vermont’s political landscape by unmasking and opposing the state’s collusion with corporations in the name of profit, against the will and best interests of the people of Vermont.
Many of us have fought this pipeline tooth-and-nail for the past four years. Despite the thousands of Vermonters who have spoken up, organized, and taken action, the State of Vermont has worked closely with VGS to support and advance pipeline construction at every turn. Working together, the State and VGS have spent millions of dollars trying to derail our growing movement for climate justice. And yet, we’ve built an inspiring and powerful movement together in the last four years, and we’re not backing down now.
On October 20th, we are asking you all to show up with us and support the opposition to this pipeline. This may be the last opportunity to make a stand in the fight to stop Phase 1 of the Vermont Gas pipeline, and we’re going to show that our movement is getting bigger, bolder, and ready for the long haul. Will you join us?
Sign up here:
If you can't join the rally, please send what you can afford to help the legal battle we are still waging to save Geprag's Park. You can find out more about the pipeline and the park and donate here:
Thanks! It all adds what you can!

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