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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vermont (Gaz) Life in Monkton,Vermont #Fracking Report

The #Fracking Pipeline
Is being built,
A neighbor sent this description of
Life near the construction site...

Thanks to Nate Palmer and Jane Palmer
For writing this
For their loyal opposition to the
Fracked gas pipeline.

For those folks who may have just joined FPF, here is a video about the opposition to the Vermont Gas pipeline that is currently being constructed through southern Chittenden and Addison County.
For those of you who are fortunate to not live in the construction is a quick description of what its like:
Back up alarms starting at 5:30 in the morning. Air that smells more like a city bus terminal than a farm in Monkton. Land being trespassed on and desecrated by work crews. Porta potties being located on land outside the work zone and on private property. Landowners threatened with weapons. Ecologically fragile areas ignored and bulldozed. Permits obtained with incorrect information.
The list goes on and gets longer every day the construction continues.
Please, if you observe other infractions, contact Eileen and anyone else you can think of (the Select Board) If you don't complain, these things will just continue to happen. Speak up.
I am concerned that the crew is throwing this pipeline in fast and furious so the construction can stay “ON TIME AND ON BUDGET” regardless of safety and environmental concerns. Meanwhile, VGS still doesn’t have all the easements they need to connect the dots.

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