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Monday, July 25, 2016

Post Office Blues

Rural Free
Means different things
To you and me.
I asked to keep it
Where it was
And has been
For many many years.

Update on our mailbox. After over 100 years, The Post Office has decided Class 3 Cemetery Rd. Is unsafe to deliver to. The weeds tall on the roadside. Road narrow and rough. So the Post Office stopped delivery here. They would deliver to the ditch south of our road. We can't accommodate that request. I would have to cross the road And be vulnerable to traffic that varies in speed. I have been hopeful I could go to the mailbox again. There is something about that, isn't there? So now, my choice was to say I can't make it to the mailbox and they would suffer our driveway and exert more
Energy than necessary. I can dodge dogs, big sucker trucks, lost city dwellers, jump in the ditch to retrieve my mail. No, we have chosen the path where we are renting a box at the post office. If I take Fred to work I can get the mail. Otherwise, we'll pick up our mail when the post office is open and Fred is here-every other Saturday. Rural Free Delivery. Dad is getting a chuckle in heaven.
Oh, and BTW to future residents of Cemetery Rd. Your mailbox will be in the west ditch on Roscoe Rd, even though you don't live there.


  1. Ok, I know it doesn't rhyme. The Blues don't have to rhyme. meg

  2. Ok, I know it doesn't rhyme. The Blues don't have to rhyme. meg


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