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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gaz Update, aka, Yesterday's numbers just don't add up anymore. Guest posting...

You Know,
In Honor of Abraham Lincoln,
His quote:
"The Best Way to repeal a bad law is to enforce it strictly."

Like the law giving power to The Vermont Public Service Board of Land Takings and Environmental Risks that they think are worth displacing people's property rights...

What got me going again is a friend, neighbor, co-patriot...
She posted this sensible math exercise.

Yesterday's News...

If the Canadians build a pipeline, the scattered select residents and businesses along the way will line up to change their oil burner to gaz and plug in. Gaz was so cheap, oil climbed, climbed.
Oh, the tides are shifting,
In case you can't add it up,
Fuel Now Cheap, and getting cheaper,
Gas expensive,
ratepayers paying for the company's  80 million ...130 million...Make that $150 Million!
 It Is All Fossil (dead dinosaurs) Fuel, Fool!

Today's sunshine:

Thanks to neighbor :)

Home heating oil price is down yet again (OK...marginally so, but it's getting cheaper)

I'm now getting an average price for this week plus the past four weeks of $1.80 (or 1.8028) for oil (Barb Wilson usually corrects my result so take this with a tiny grain of salt although it's surely not off by more than a penny or so if at all).

But, if I'm right, this is what VGS' calculator tells us: the "average" Vermont family wouldn't save at all by switching to natural gas from oil - instead, the average family would lose around $94 annually (before taking into account conversion costs or the predicted rate hikes associated with VGS' pipeline expansion). Instead of encouraging people to spend potentially thousands of dollars on conversion or ask current customers to suffer rate hikes of 10% or more once the pipeline is built, wouldn't it be smarter for the State to encourage people to invest in weatherizing and/or heat pumps - options that would help them save money, help protect our planet, and decrease their dependence on the fossil fuel market roller coaster?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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