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Thursday, March 31, 2016

#Fracking #nG #NaturalGas updates

Time, Time, Time

Ticking away,
Each day more updates,
the latest gyrations,

As my inbox overflows,
and my realization March 2016 is nearly over,
I am motivated to post the updates related to
proposed gas pipelines in Addison County, Vermont.

First, some movies:

some article links:

From the Rutland Herald...

Legislators use kid gloves
March 29,2016

Last week I attended a Senate hearing that was called to allow the commissioner of the Public Service Department to respond to criticisms of his self-edited evaluation of the effectiveness of the agency he oversees. I expected to hear some pointed questioning aimed at improving the DPS’s role as watchdog for utility ratepayers.

What I heard instead was a couple of softball questions from each committee member, an acceptance that “we all have biases,” and a bizarre comparison of Commissioner Recchia to General Grant. Ratepayers and all Vermonters need representation during this period of transition in energy policy, and the Legislature needs to pursue constructive recommendations that were voiced during the DPS evaluation process but ignored — in fact, edited out by the commissioner in the final draft.

Similarly, the DPS chose to edit out recent declines in oil prices in the cost data that the agency fed to the PSB to use as a basis for determining the value of the Vermont Gas Systems Addison pipeline.

Commissioner Recchia has a history of editing the truth in order to expedite the governor’s agenda. And the Legislature looks ready to give the commisioner a pass. When the committee member laughingly compared Commissioner Recchia to General Grant last Thursday, he quoted Lincoln’s statement that the general’s drinking problem had to be overlooked in the face of his great talent.

Commissioner Recchia’s talent is not apparent to those of us who have been watching the Vermont Gas Systems proceedings drag on and on, and a truth problem is not one that can be overlooked in any public official. I hope that the casual chat last week between the Finance Committee and Commissioner Recchia was only the beginning of a more thorough investigation of how well (or not well) the DPS is serving the public and the ratepayers of Vermont.


Activists rally outside the Statehouse following a vote by the Vermont Senate to retire the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in 2012. Since the plant's ...

Protest in a Tree, in the proposed path of destruction

How can normal people fight this advanced lawyering?
Attached please find Vermont Gas Systems, Inc.’s 5th Request for Non-Substantial Change Determination. Due to the size of some attachments, they will be provided in electronic format on CD only. An original and 8 copies, and one CD were hand delivered to the Public Service Board this afternoon. Two copies and a CD were hand delivered to the Department of Public Service, and a hard copy and CD will be mailed to each party on the attached Certificate of Service.
Please let me know if you have difficulty accessing any of the documents on the CD.
Carolyn Moore | Legal Project Coordinator
Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC | Business Sense · Legal Ingenuity

Time for another movie:
A DPS hearing, courtesy fellow fracking fighter...

There really was much more but I am tired and this abbreviated update summary is about enough for now. meg

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