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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Archives of Monkton Chronicles January-November 2015

November 2015
It has easily been the sunniest, most pleasant November per my experience living in Vermont since 1981. The year Katie died. And Suzie too, together a cataclysm to my hometown. Hurricane Kate reminded was so long ago, and like yesterday all at once.
The leaves have mostly fallen, a few stragglers clinging, flopping in the winds that come and go.
The time change robbed me of...something. Where do I complain to?
We had to pay the property taxes this week or suffer. Either way we suffer, enough of that for now...don't worry, I won't forget to write more about that later.
Meanwhile, have a Great November!. meg

October 2015
Hallowe'en 2015
The fall colors have been special this year. Still hanging on are the rusts, browns, yellows, dabs of color that contrast more with the silver sticks of trees starting to appear. The colder air clean, crisp. The remnants of the monster storm fought the shredding Eastern mountains and arctic air masses and fizzles out. The election is shaping up to be a full year more of entertainment and a few burst blood vessels from mental stress. Glad I got the lavender blend essential oils to add to my soap. If not much of this makes sense, at least I hope it is entertaining in some way. The veil thinned today and I talked to the parents and lost friends. The crow called out to us and wee saw a big flock of crows flying. I sang to myself, When you awake, Rick Danko's special tune. I think I'll put up a link for tomorrow, All Saint's Day. all for now. meg

The colors of leaves are changing steadily now.
Today a wonderful clear viewing day.
We got our property tax bill which strains my mind,
it is $500 a month. I call that rent.
I have begun praying for Vermont property tax reform, nothing else seems to work.
Not much going on that I can tell.
the town website has minutes, in case you are curious, meg:

September 2015
The Sugar Maple tree in the front yard is
rapidly turning colors,
While others are still green.
It really depends on several factors, Sunlight, day length, approaching dormancy, Tree stress, insects, disease, drought, floods, and more, i.e., the seasonal ebb and flow, the weather here, in Vermont, that is kind and unkind, then brutally pleasant or miserably beautiful.
Yes this is my little column and any sentences will do, free form, they can run on, and on.
Oh the town, the town. I feel an awakening. Perhaps it did us all a little good, praying for the Pope and letting him pray for me (a non practicing Presbyterian).
Now that water has been found on Mars, the real story is who shall own the real estate market in, er, on, the red planet,
Now Wet Planet! and you know what that means,
Beachfront!! shh...was that the purpose of the big UN meeting?

Anticipating the annual changing of the leaves.
Otherwise contemplating the end of summer, the diminished sunlight and my faithful black and white cat.
The weather has barely touched 90 degrees f. Now with fall upon us, the continued cool air is welcome. Reminder to button up the house, order fuel, pick which ones we can afford.
Oil/fuel prices are scarily high compared with barrel prices. The people who are supposed to look out for us don't seem affected. Will they ever? meg

August 2015
A few sunny nice days have begun to balance the cold...
Too little to talk about in town politics. My letters generally not mentioned. Am Reconsidering posting all the letters I have written to the town, you know, so that if I still get no response, it will be heard in every corner of the globe. This internet thing can be pretty fun, and utilitarian. Today my kindle has had some unidentified illness. Spending time trying to track it down took away from my normal twitter time. Still managed to squeeze off a few tweets for the NY Yankees, and more.
Tourists look to be enjoying the Vermont air, mountains, cidery, food, people, and much more. All for now. meg

July 2015
Vermont summer of '15 is cold and dismal,
Or bright stunningly sunny days with fresh cool air.
Finding it hard to report on Monkton times when not
much happens. The birds sing, the swallows swoop, swish and nurture their rugged little babies. The vultures soar overhead. The crows craw. Songbirds serenade in between torrential downpours. Oh please, send some rain to California!
Following the minutes to meetings I cannot attend. Cryptic notes at times. Oh forget it and click on you tube.

June 2015
Have been unmotivated to report on dismal, gray, cold Monkton, Vermont. Since being omitted as an absentee voter, I have grown new tolerance for idiotia. Oh, maybe it is merelyavoidance of idiots. They know not how daft they are.
The proposed pipeline is simmering and sputtering, number salad. How many millions? How many lawyers? Beware as you stand by and not care about such things, it may happen to you. The minutes in the town refer to 2 lawsuits against the town. Our taxes pay for lawyers to defend the boards when they rule against you. Sorry, it's late. Time to sign off...
never think you are alone in this big old world. meg

May 2015
5.13.15 It has been awhile.
Still waiting for warmer weather.
Actually we have had some glimpses of nice weather,
and the trees are finally greening up, the spring blossoms coming along. In spite of my willingness to update the chronicles, I have not quite got past the part where they didn't send me an absentee ballot, and no one cared.
So, let this one be my shortest post. Enjoy spring! meg

4.22.15 Earth Day
Not keeping up with my self appointed tasks. Well, actually keeping up better than I was, so should be happy which I am, in a cautious MS kind of way. Eyes always scanning the horizon. Ready for spring, frost still in the ground, rain greening the grass, the tree buds swelling. Birds singing in the frosty mornings. Oh yes, the Town of Monkton voted down the school budget in March. There was a revote Tuesday. I did not receive my absentee ballot. My vote not counted. The town did not send them out? or did they just forget one or two? FYI. The secretary of state said, they don't deal with that. It's up to me. Why me again? No, this time I am turning it over to the front porch forum. Stronger people than me can take this on and stay free, or ignore and be servants to the town. I am going to go listen to the Yankees whoop the Tigers. meg


It has been 2 weeks since my last entry in the unofficial Monkton Chronicles. No news is good news? Sorry, not always.
How long has Dad been gone? I don't know. It's like it's not real sometimes
Dad would tell me, a nurse, he was Hell bent on dying. Was it just me? or was I one of a chosen few he told. Him and Mom (rest in peace) and I were always pretty straight with each other. I could not react to his death wishes. Well, except to recount in my mind all the people I had as patients who wanted to passively lay down and die. All the fighters. He was 92 1/2. Proving true, ironically for him, that what does not kill you makes you stronger. His ending was beautiful with the caregivers I could not be to him. My heart always with him. One day, as the parents moved to more and more assisted living, he pulled a grade school photo of me out of his wallet. For many years he carried it. It's little things like that that show a bond that transcends life itself. He is home with Mom now.

April was not going to be about Dad and yet here I am happy the Chronicles today are not about snarky people, greedy bullies, or plain old morons. Hope spring comes soon or we will miss it! meg

March 2015 Marz Mars

Woefully inadequate reporting by my staff of one,
me, myself, I.
"I ams what I ams and that's all that I ams." Popeye
(did Popeye have hypothyroidism? is that a goiter?"
"You have to live your own life. Your the only one who can do that." My Dad, now 92. He forgot he told me that when I used it on him. Lesson number....oh I lost count, Dad.
I intentionally boycotted Monkton, Vermont's time honored tradition of Town Meeting Day.
Isn't this the point where someone says, well I Chose not to go? That I am not playing Nice? That Town Meeting has no flaws, no improvements or changes allowed, works just fine since before I came here in 1981, I am only an expendable, exhausted, done beating my head against the wall miserable flatlander.

Oh...Maybe this deep stuff touched a nerve that I had to shut down again for a while. Somedays I think of publishing all my letters to the town. Then I decide drawing a picture has more meaning to me now. Tweeting breaking news is fun. Keeping up my blog, my logbook, is a core enjoyable activity.

The Loner Wolf is drawing my attention. More metaphysical training. So Monkton, Vermont is still a frozen town, ruts freezing, thawing, moving. Soon mud season, sugaring, then spring. Soon. Soon. Soon. meg

February 2015

Les Miserable winter is still hanging on our doorstep.
17 Below Zero F. this morning. We are burning anything we can scrounge. Irony of all the taxes we are sending somewhere and not enough left over to heat this big old house.
Good news is Richard Barone's project is moving along. As is Amy Helm's album. Music indeed is a healing agent.
Town meeting is Tuesday and I am formulating how I am saying I will boycott. I know, they rig it so if you don't show up, you are not counted. You must yell yeah and nay and the numbers need correcting, you know, all those pesky numbers?Just vote, will you? Now if I once again reiterate I do not feel comfortable with sitting in front of some people in town, guess once again no one will give a frock.

Spock has left the material plane. Love that man...all of his characters...meg
%%% March starts tomorrow, sun higher, warmer...please!

We are getting through the winter,
Brutal is a good word to describe 2014-15 winter.
Cold extremes, North-south winds, then south to north,
either way, biting and sucks all warmth from human, animal and hearth.
Yup, no global warmin' in Monkton, Vermont.
The sun a a little higher, warmer.
We had a blizzard that plastered the outside of the house with snow. A little warmer in here.
Fred got me some kefir grains from Cultures for health. So I set to growing kefir culture. So glad I did. Will write more later about that. The probiotic effects are essential. Something we have been missing out on...with the antibiotic age.
Not much to say in February. We still fight the proposed pipeline, we wish hopelessly for an early spring.
Have a Great day in your corner of the planet.

January 2015
No news is good news?
Or have I merely fallen behind in my self appointed duties?
The low light days are not enough to recharge my battery, that is a fact. Today a bright frigid day lured me to a south window for a dose of sunlight. We have very little snow and gusts of wind. Brrr. The town is preparing for town meeting. I am encouraged at more people getting involved. My ability to participate is limited by my feelings of do I say this? Tears of Rage comes to mind. So I will avoid it altogether and report what I can glean from my surroundings. Am hanging out on twitter more and getting the hang of google photos, yet the whole cloud thing sounds easier than it is. Fighting the pipeline with like minded neighbors. Happy New Year from Monkton, Vermont. meg

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