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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stop the Pipeline

Thanks to our interconnected web of like minded people,

I received this letter and a link to Tell Governor Peter Shumlin to Stop the pipeline plans...

I signed it, will you? meg

The letter sent to the Governor last week signed by businesses, organizations, committees, and legislators requesting that the pipeline be stopped at 11 miles is now available for anyone to sign online. Important note: Businesses etc can still sign on this form, and we encourage you to do that if you can. If not, please sign as an individual. (Instructions are on the page.) Here is the link:

Please send the link to all of your lists, groups, friends and urge them to show the Governor the breadth and depth of our desire to put this pipeline behind us!

Thank you Shaina and Katelyn at Toxics Action Center for setting up this link!

And thank you everyone for your ongoing energy to do the right thing in Vermont!

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