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Thursday, December 10, 2015

An American (Governor) in Paris

Once again,

Sifting thru emails, updates, attachments about the fight against the Addison County, Vermont pipeline 
proposed by Canadian Gaz Metro dba Vermont Gas.

In the end, all those words,
another Thursday summary,
then the videos came through.

Forget the words,
you'll just gloss over anyway.

Here are a couple of twitter links as hearings continue about the proposed pipeline
over 130 million expected to be funded by ratepayers... york said no to the pipeline which is how vermont became a target...

The Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin, has been greasing the gaz wheels since the beginning. Somehow, in his comprehension, he seems to think fracking ok as long as it's in Alberta.
He also thinks land grabbing is cool as long as it's not in his neighborhood.
Residents, my neighbors have had to lawyer up against big Gaz. Hearings going on now.
We oppose the pipeline. As this fight progresses, we have to communicate to others.
Frackers never sleep...

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