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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Music link: Tedeschi Trucks Band - The Letter Poem: Invisible Malware made my Kindle Kindling

Tuesday music

melds into
Wednesday music...
More YouTube links from the Tedeschi Trucks Band...

Great music!


Now for the Poem,
Dedicated to the hours I have spent
Trying to get Google to talk nice to my Kindle, er, Kindle siblings,
one older than the other,
both succumbing to some mysterious malware,
invisible to malware detectors.
I emailed Google and am waiting for wisdom,
in the meantime,
if something looks wonky,
when you kindly visit my blog,
then please let blogger know
So I have affirmation of my
about otherwise invisible malware.


Demon Malware,
Whoever put you in my fire?

Is it Google,
That you target,
Or Silk or some obscure free game?

As I run the antivirals,
Never faithful
They will work.

Sure enough,
Invisible Malware,
Has escaped the 4 star app.

no this does not rhyme...meg
stay tuned...

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