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Wednesday, September 16, 2015



My most memorable History class was with Jack McCarty.

High school Junior year I believe.
It was mandatory which meant
Everyone had to go in order to get a high school diploma.

Mandatory also meant
people attended whose feelings about history ranged from
Love to Hate,
interested to absorbed,
already interested,
never interested,
hating this,
will get back at teacher,
nap time.

Jack was so eternally enthusiastic,
that I forced myself to be interested,
then, as I listened to him in a room littered with
snoring, fidgeting, disinteresteds,
There I was being interested in history,
to this day.

Sometimes it would be so un class-like,
The students began losing interest
Jack would climb onto his desk and orate form there.
It worked for awhile.
Eventually the class would deteriorate again until the bell sounded for us to move along.

Thanks to Jack,
for My love of history.

Here's a movie I did of a reenactment...
dedicated this time to Jack...

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