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Monday, August 17, 2015

Healthcare Reform....Fact or fiction?

Raise your hand,

If you recognize this as a US doctor's examination room.

None of the items in this photo
Will make you healthy.

How you feel about this room
Is directly related to
Your past experiences
With such a room.

Some of your most serious lifetime conversations happen here.

Only with the addition of people,
Will this room potentially take on powers,
Healing, diagnostics, therapeutic encounters,
Hard conversations,
Avoidance, denial, anger, acceptance,
All can happen here.
Or not.

The concept of healthcare reform
Is inconceivable.

The variables,
The formulae,
Costs, belief systems, cultures,
Too much to analyze,
Make sense of,
Predict outcomes.
(Seems most of what I saw was billing codes...not reform!)

I believe the system of healthcare in the U.S.
Cannot be reformed by taking pictures of doctor's offices,
With the caption,
Healthcare Reform.

Like this photo,
Meaningless without the people,
The patient, their people,
The doctor, nurse, the healthcare providers.

Healthcare reform
Should not be penned by politicians,
Healthcare lobbyists,
Or CPA's.

(Sorry, missed a few words first go around)

The people who should have the biggest input...
The people who would be in this room:
Patient, family, and doctors, nurses.

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