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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pondering Town Meeting

Pondering Town Meeting Day

(Oh I know it's Valentine's day....I posted this on front porch forum, local listserv)
I have written several articles, my viewpoints, on town meeting. I moved here from the Land of Lincoln in 1981. I finally started attending town meeting and have stopped again. It is an archaic bygone dinosaur process. Civility expected? Wish I had attended town meetings from long ago. Social media a threat to democracy? No, I feel it is the level playing field. In the auditorium with people looking at me, I freeze up, just as I did on stage as a girl. Why did I have to ask to have my name added to a map of properties when I have owned the property with my husband for years? It took all the sap out of me to speak up. I will not subject myself to Robert's (Civil War) Rules again. The town officers up on stage, above the fray. Most people silent, concerned, taxed to death. Let's get modern and run some polls. Allow people to virtually participate When convenient for them. Explain the budget, explain the changes. Explain why they need something that costs money. Put up a video. Anything else is excluding those who cannot attend, for any reason. One vote, one person. My articles:

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