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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gaz Update...with gaps

There are Gaps in my Gaz updates.
I am not a journalist,
Really more of a Journal-er.

The group/listserv I belong to cranks out the links,
More every day,
Sometimes I just delete a bunch...
"natural gas" mistakes, land grabs, explosions,
occasionally...a victory for the environment.

So here are some links to read.
Realize there is so much more to this movement.
Fracking...injecting stuff into old dinosaur burial grounds,
squeezing the oil out
then send thru a pipeline from Alberta, Canada...Indigenous people's lands,
to a New York State paper mill via my neighbor's garden in Monkton, Vermont.
Stranger than fiction it is....(did they use google maps?)

Property rights...

Friend Meredith talks electricity rates

Great Commentary from a lakefront resident..

and another co patriot for the environment:

that's all I can handle today...
help make history
fight gaz pipelines in rural vermont
it's not saving anyone...

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