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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Archives Monkton Chronicles June-July-August 2014

For the Archives...

August 2014

August 20, 2014. Reflections on a Cold Summer in Vermont. Jumping thru hoops, walking on wires, careening down switchbacks without guardrails, skinning knees, elbows, forehead and chin. Just to access my hard earned pensions. Really mostly sitting, stirring when I can, focusing on the virtual hoops I used to juggle for clients as a nurse case manager. Why was it so easy then? On my journey I have found...because now, it is about Me. And before, Itried, I really tried
to see my clients as close as i could be.
The Social security doctor reviewed my clinical info while I "gave report", a familiar nurse framework of explaning Subjective data: I feel, Objective: I see,Assessment: I conclude, Plan: Pretend we're talking about my client.
The doc said, You don't cry much, do you? I smiled and said, Taught not to. Stopped there....shut up mary...less is better...hoops, tightropes, no net. meg
August 8th and finally Catching up on my Chronicles. Seeing any day now I will trip over the 40,000 visitor mark. These numbers are our validation, even if a mistaken click, a google snafu, a slip of a keystroke. I miss friends I had when I started blogging. Herrad, Sherry. Where are they now? As they dissolve into the ethereal unkown, I make new friends, virtual pals. Harder all the time. The daunting paperwork stream trying to collect benefits, little here, little there, it takes all one's sap to accomplish. Precious little left over. And I sit here, thankful for a career of nursing, with half of my years in case management. Somehow, even with my understanding, it is hard to accept the role of being needy, weak, un-able. Then a good day rolls along and, hey! maybe things are ok. Regarding the town, I am following their tax sale status. How intolerant is the new selectboard? How much will they take of people's bread? The tax rate, not set yet, is being charged to us right now. Wish I could charge them a late fee, like bait and switch penalty. Then interest. But hey, the town is us and we would have to pay again. my, my, my.
Regarding the proposed gaz pipeline: there is a contingent that says it will, a group that says it can't, it shouldn't. There is a group that says get me the heck out of Vermont. I cannot afford the taxes.
Sugary beverages tax was the last straw ;<{

July 2014
Summer has been cold and pleasant too. Dress in layers is my advice. Keep fleece handy.
Trying to keep up with the speed of paperwerk.
Hurry up and wait.
Who told us we would be living like The Jetsons? Press the button, synthesized nutrion, tasty, easy,Look Ma, no dishes!
No we had to go all Stanley Kubrick, Big Brother, The Matrix.
Fred planted a few tomato plants and pepper plants-no rush to harden off---that is how cold it is..
Been snapping photos with new technology, now if I can just extract and redirect into a post!
Started posting Friday Nacht Musik in 3's. You Tube has replaced most of my tv watching except the ncis's. News, etc, skim watched during supper.
Fred started the cats on Dinovite after hearing the commercials a billion times. Tommy is pleased to report he feels better as does Girly. Let's hope the effects persist.
All for now. meg

End of June 2014
I know, I know,
sometimes we chroniclers write just because we have a deadline.
In this case, an imaginary deadline, for an imaginary newspaper with one writer, one town, and no dough. I mean the green dough, gluten free: greenbacks, Benjamin Franklins, Buckazoids, cashola, currency. The newspapers that print on dead or murdered trees get paid by advertisers, an obvious fact to me but sadly not to many others. The newspapers may slant or lean news towards their advertisers. Still we are all subject to the veiled messages, the subliminal suggestions, the pressures of society, our bigger dysfunctional family. Well, it is both functional And dysfunctional. Yin and Yang....
Had wanted to write more often and decided I would write what I can, what comes up, what and when it seems relevant to me. This is my travelogue, where typos are sometimes left, grammar is freestyle turn of the second millennial midwestern to vermont transplant, and i struggle with daily pain, fatigue and the frustrations of paperwork, frustrations, bureaucratic crapola that comes with disability. it was so easy when i did it for someone else. have a good rest of far cold one in monkton, vermont. we are at a crossroads in our fight to stop the proposed canadian->NY pipeline someone thought worth taking people's hard won property for. not too late to jump into the fray. Q: how do you argue with a corps of engineers? A: don't bother, you will just waste your breath
Q: how do you argue with a corps of engineers? A: you'll never go anywhere, fool, you were not listening to me....
there...june 2014 in a nutshell

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