Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Is Social Media Enough?

Good post by Dr. G...

My comments...

I think in Theory it’s a good thought. We moved to Virginia after living in Vermont for 40 years. Our decision mostly related to unaffordable Taxes, expenses and a pension cut short by having to retire early. The difficulty of a move has been difficult but good. We lost friends except by phone. Have friends here and relatives. I looked into Adult Day center and it was mostly bingo and more elderly people like who I used to Case manage. I am on Twitter and have conversations, Church, prayers, Sharing Images, Music, Art, Opinions on Twitter. For me it’s better than going out. I can do it from any room, no pressure, no schedule, no car travel. Virtual connections. Church parking lots empty except for Sunday morning. Internet is open 24/7. I used to meet people at work, when younger in a bar. No more of that. I hope Science doesn’t devalue social media. It has faults, but it’s My go to for now.

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