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Monday, May 15, 2017

What if there was a plant that could save your life...

Well, what if?

I was expanding my thinking about the effects of #cannabis #MedicalCannabis
When the discovery was made recently about
Lymphatic system in the brain. 
My awkwardly worded discussion with my neurologist,
What if the CBD-THC having greater Osmolality,
Draws Lymphatic Fluids away from inflamed nerve tissue,
Brain or elsewhere..?
He nodded,
Makes sense,
What if the lymphatic fluids are sent by and intended by the body to protect the raw nerves?
An unintended consequence is lymphatic fluid increasing pressure in a fixed space, accumulation of metabolites, cellular waste, irritating nerves further.
Had to write this down while fresh in my head.
More later.meg

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