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Monday, December 19, 2016

Richard Barone's Time Machine

Richard Barone Sorrows and Promises, press here for more about it.

Here I was, going through the tedious pile of mail,
The Post Office declared our Rural Free Delivery 📦 mailbox as undeliverable.
Our driveway inadequate for the postal worker to turn around.
Like a country western blues song, the mailman don't come around here much anymore.

The bright spot in between the geico ads and bills and useless catalogs,

Was Richard Barone's CD.
Sorrows and Promises.

A collection of musical pieces that found their beginnings in Greenwich Village New York,
This album takes you back to that place,
That song,
The feeling, when your song plays.

Please buy Richard's CD and Experience an interesting span of time,
A musical history, a masterful piece.
Here is one cut...

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