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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Latest on #Fracking Gaz Pipeline Fight

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Dear pipeline fighters, 

Right now dozens of people are blockading construction of the Fracked Gas pipeline in New Haven VT, putting their bodies on the line solidarity with escalating international resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

We are asking everyone who can to donate directly to the Red Warrior Camp and the Sacred Stone Camp. Can you give $10 (or more!) today to support this historic resistance? 

Abenaki elder Carol Irons spoke out from the blockade, "We come first to honor the Lakota people. This is Abenaki country, we are brothers and sisters with the Lakota and all other indigenous people. It's time for an uprising." 

You can directly support this uprising right now by donating to theRed Warrior Camp and the Sacred Stone Camp

Both the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Vermont Fracked Gas Pipeline are being constructed by the same on-the-ground contractor, Michels Inc. Said Jane Palmer:
"We can’t ignore the destruction that is Michels has caused here in Addison County and it is not okay for us to ignore the same destruction in Standing Rock or anywhere else in the world where water and land and air is forsaken by the fossil fuel industry,”

Please help resist this ongoing destruction with a donation to the Red Warrior Camp and Sacred Stone Camp today!


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