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Thursday, August 25, 2016

#Fracking updates

Today in the Addison independent

I saw a letter to the editor by the CEO of Vermont gas...

I replied

Perhaps your newspaper should confess you charge the reader to read the full article while accepting advertising revenue from Canadian owned Vermont Gas. Subliminal messaging. You are clearly supporting Vermont Gas. And the Pipeline of destruction. Blasting rock ledge in Monkton,Vermont, my town that denied a farmer the right to mine rock and sell it. Multiple pieces being constructed. Burrowing under ancient swamp, destroying old growth trees, rare and endangered flowers. All this as the natural gas price (Fracking derived) is kept low. The Vermont Gas ratepayers are going to be billed $134 million (that's the number today). Natural gas prices are expected to rise as demand increases. All while a pipeline passes Though, not To Monkton,Vermont. No, they can't offer gas hookups to everyone in Monkton,Vermont. Does the Addison independent ever interview those people? How does a pipeline serve the public which passes through our town, not to our town?

Feel free to enter the fray,
No matter where you are.


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