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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Fragile Place

a fragile place,
seems so serene,
never forgetting to change with the seasons,

a beautiful place,
was my appreciation learned,
or simply inherent in my dNA?

the fall colors from another year,
just as spectacular,
for a moment.

my sister likes the milkweed,
as did Mom,
who said Sacajewea used it for baby diaper lining.

Who doesn't like to pluck a milkweed pod 
and blow the sailing seeds,
as if they are designed to entice us 
to spread the seed far and wide.

This place is threatened,
oh, it looks so safe and stable,
as if it will always be this way,

So I picked the photo to show you
what a natural meadow looks like,
(even if meadows in VT came from clear cutting 
old growth forests over a century ago),
The milkweed supports monarch butterflies,
Where are they this year?

Bulldozer bulldozes,
plants that look like weeds,
manicure that dirt pile,
plant grass,
goodbye milkweed.

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