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Monday, December 29, 2014

Theatre in the Park

It was 1974 ish...40 years ago🌼🌻🌸
Edwardsville, Illinois
The Park on the block where the Bandstand stood, where the library is.

We planned our plays and pestered the Edwardsville Intelligencer to take photos.
I assembled excerpts from a book called Edgar Allan by John Neufeld.
Reader's Theatre became my venue of choice
(Because I froze up trying to remember lines)

my older siblings had the book.
It was easy to read. It featured a young black central character.
I remember nothing about it except a weird feeling it was an all Caucasian cast, tryouts, and me, the collater of pieces of the book, director, coordinator,.
Yesterday I found the author's notes and book excerpts.

We had a good summer that year, under the mighty tall trees in the Park.
I challenged myself to be in the now, in front of people,
In the summer heat we presented dramatic offerings.
I remember that.

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