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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Woodchuck Day 2013

Woodchuck Day


 Vermonters head into
6 more weeks of
no matter
what the woodchuck does.
It heralds a point,
after the middle of
but it seems like
more than
half a winter to go.
(the real woodchucks burrowed up in a hole somewhere)
This winter up and down
temperature wise,
overall milder than some,
I do recall the blizzard of
Woodchuck day past.
Part of me was sad
when the old woodchuck
 up back
must have succumbed to
 nature's forces.
He looked like a big old dog
and he confined himself
to that little spot up back
preferring a patch of clover
to garden vegetables.
I thought he would stray down to our garden
but he stayed right up there.
I would look out the window and he never saw me,
They are nearly blind you know.
Some Vermonters choose
to celebrate
instead of
Ground Hogs,
and after knowing our
woodchuck from a distance,
over successive summers,
I now understand.

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