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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Psalm Challenge 92

Psalm Challenge 92

Studying the weekly Psalm is a form of praise in itself,
Which this Sabbath prayer song offers,
A way to sing,
Pilgrim, stay on the Good side,
Go ahead, Praise God, Offer Thanks and Praise,
See your gifts and if you do not,
There will be gifts at the end, at the Long Eternal End.
Lesson: Do not be wicked, or a boor, brute, or a fool.
Bad Guys finish last
they do,
The Brutes and Wicked,
may live in a palace now
or torment and terrorize,
They will get their just rewards,
The fools
simply do not understand.
Pick up you harp and sing,
and click back one posting and listen to "Let it Be"
An appropriate song for this Psalm.
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  1. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Excuse the once again late visit. Kid was ill, and I spend the night with him. Posts were on auto-pilot.

    Yes, once, probably at the end, there'll be truth. A lesson I learned, time and again. And still, life does go on, sometimes even as if nothing did happen. Thank you for the inspirational thoughts. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

    1. No worries, Thank you for keeping the weekly Psalm going...Hope your family is better this week. have had an awful flu myself. Best wishes..mary


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