Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Comments to @FDA

Opioid comments...

My Pain Level is 15/10 some days. I don’t want Opioids. I have Multiple Sclerosis and am a Disabled Registered Nurse with 35 years of clinical experience. My Pain is Tolerable using THC/CBD. First it was illegal, stressing me out but I had no choice. I needed pain relief without all the side effects of Opioids like drowsiness and constipation. Then, as a Vermonter, legalized medical cannabis allowed my Neurologist to write a letter, every year to say I have intractable Pain from Multiple Sclerosis and Seizures. Then we moved to Virginia. I am unable to obtain Medical Cannabis. CBD is Legal but not consistent in quality and not as effective for my pain. I was so desperate I tried to buy some with bitcoin and a guy ripped me off for $500. I’m still desperate. Virginia has a Medical Cannabis Law, sort of. In this state, Pharmacy People are guiding. I got a license but my Doctor doesn’t know how to recommend me by explaining I have intractable pain from Multiple Sclerosis. Even if I completed the application process, there isn’t any available and Virginia has arbitrarily limited the THC and mode of administration. Please Deschedule THC/CBD, Allow evidence based research, Allow Compassionate Approval For THC/CBD for Patients like myself who suffer intractable Pain and do Not want Opioids.

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