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Friday, March 20, 2015


Second edition...first post had duplicate YouTube links....meg


Yesterday the call came,
I felt a let down,
a relief,
a tear and a smile
what is next?

92 plus,
His age and health
Was on the North side
of good.

It will take awhile for me to fully process,
That he's not there anymore,
At that town where 
I was born,
Held in Dad's arms,
Then passed around the family of those days,
and back to Mom.

Then I left that town,
Thinking I would return,
Seeing my parents less than I would like,
More noticeable as my parents went off, together,
Starting their next adventure,
They are free.

Last night had to tweet:

Mom & Dad Alaskan Cruise

and some music links for Friday
that Dad introduced me to...

Me & Dad

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