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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sam Hunt - "Take Your Time" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

A music link for Friday...

For Cindy

For Cindy

For Cindy,
A Special Woman,
When did we roam the Earth before?

Did we know each other,
Playing different roles,
Did we sing the same old song?

You delighted
In simple pleasures,
Cup half full?
It runneth over.

Some days
I came to work,
Thinking it was all that I could do,
Then you told me,
about your weekend,
Canned a Bazillion quarts,
Put me to shame,
Our Cindy Lou.

Was our garden
better weeded,
because I thought I saw
Lucinda there?

What would she do?
What would she want?
She did not want to leave,
This material plane,
her loves,
her family,
her life.

For Cindy,
A freestyle poem,
As the leaves fall from the trees.
Dreary damp, cold and darker,
Cindy's gone
Beyond the veil.

Something funny,
about cubicle living,
talking without seeing
the face on the other side.

There we were,
In a concrete warehouse
An office bunker,
Cold and damp
Dark and dreary.

Paperwork, clients, stresses, then lunch.

Cindy would turn the radio on WOKO country,
Alabama always looking over her.
Little calls to her husband, kids, friends,
Always offering a pearl of wisdom, advice, help, food.

Errands for her other job on their farm,
I live vicariously through her farm stories.
Her energy seems boundless.
I blame her lineage and ingrained work ethic.

Don't try to keep up with her,
I tell myself.
Do the best you can.
Cindy would agree.

I thought about Cindy a few times recently.
Once when looking at my parachute material curtains.
Cindy kept telling me she would bring me a piece then she did.
I made curtains out of it.
She said the air goes through parachute material or I wouldn't know that.
The wind was blowing like crazy from the north and the parachute curtain bowed out.
I thought of Cindy.
Then Monday I saw what looked like her car, headed south.
I thought she must have been shopping,
even though it was not her.

So Friday seemed a good day to play the song she always played on Friday afternoon
in the office.
Tennessee Bird Walk.

It is the little things people leave us with that reminds us of them.
For several days I have been thinking about Cindy,
her family, her animals, her smile
Through thick and thin,
This is 
For Cindy

Love, Me

Thursday, October 23, 2014



Trying to capture images of radios.
Soon to be extinct?
I hope not.

I imagined my father in law in ww2
In the Signal Radio Corps
North Africa and Europe.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 27: Mass Action to Stop the Vermont Fracked Gas Pipeline

Paul McCartney 'Early Days'

Was quite thrilled to see a tweet from Sir Paul McCartney
as he connects with the worldwide audience

and without reservations, we adore him.
Above is a YT video link to a movie Sir Paul did.
He is on tour in the US and putting out a new album....
Great movie ...

And thrilled to get a tweet...
So much am posting late today...
Why we tweet & blog  <3 p="">

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Carpenters - Karen Carpenter's Drum Solo

YT is at it again...
Enticing me with titles like this one.

Karen Carpenter truly happy, fully engaged in the music.
Love her style!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mountain Woman

mountain woman

dressed in deerhide
sewn with sinew thread
a needle made of bone.

She is
a Fragile Human
under all her tough exterior.

She learned to skin a rabbit
before she could read.

After she learned to read,
She could still skin a rabbit.

mountain woman,
I want to call her.

I think I knew her in another time
in the North Country.