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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Working It Out from

Dad told me not to retire too soon.
He was  bored, no plan, fixed income.
Likewise I remembered watching him.
I always watched him.
Work, Postal delivery in So Illinois,
on foot,
rain, sleet, snow and swampy air,
I fought disability until 56.
I agree with working as long as you can.
But when your life becomes
Life support for your job,
and your energie bank runs dry,
leaving emptiness,
make a new plan. expresses what I have felt not working.
Miss the banter, the challenges,
the cognitive framework a routine offers.
love this me thinking...

Wire walking in New York - Phillipe Petit

The Always Amazing
yt link to
Phillippe Petit

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Raw Beauty NYC


Media, the message, and Bias? Say it isn't so....#fracking

So I really wanted to keep Les Paul's history video at the top of the page.
Was going to not open gaz emails today, having sparred on addison independent editorial page during commercials while watching ncis...and ncis-la last night...
But when I saw the pristine NY times putting pro natural gas links on their pages,
well, they are hitting a nerve.

No doubt you already know about this, but I didn’t....
One of those little VGS ads showed up on the page when I was reading the NY Times online. This time I clicked on the “Support the Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project” link in the ad, to see what it led to. I found this online form letter to the Public Service Board, with the request that people “pledge” their “support” by signing the letter to the PSB with their name and town.
XXXXXXXXXXXX  Notice--->>Link Censored....this is My site and I oppose  proposed Gaz pipeline in Vermont....stick it in NY, NYTimes......meg

Les Paul - Inventor, Innovator, Overdubber, Looper

Great YT link for a little
history of modern recording

Les Paul & Mary Ford

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Speed of #fracking

 the speed of fracking,
ranging from threats to the earth's integrity,
potential contamination,
many would predict it is inevitable,


foreign corporations poking around peoples' backyards,
Vermonters who,
30 years ago,
may have drawn a piece.
now, a kinder, gentler vermont,
with unseen forces helping the frackers...
farckers making
threats of suing, wanting to
cram pipelines thru our precious
 images of vermont

did u know it freezes here?
5 feet or more down,
you can't even bury a body in the winter,
the vermont public service board said, hey, 3 feet, that's cool...


and finally, an article articulating the necessity for reconsideration of a pipeline...
they can transport gaz a different way...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blogging Forward: #fracking ♻: To the Ends of the Earth: A Guide to Unconventiona...

♻: To the Ends of the Earth: A Guide to Unconventiona...: Recomendado por: Sam Dolgoff Hi Barton Moss anti-frackers! Hope you are all doing well. I have recently produced a report for Corporate Watc...

Blogging the above link forward--->
Send around the World a few times.....
Keep it spinning
A web of not so common sense.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blogging Forward Fellow #Fracking fighter: AliceEckles: Self-publishing, my fundraiser, and a story called...

Check out Alice's new book!

AliceEckles: Self-publishing, my fundraiser, and a story called...: Alice Eckles, writer, is kicking off an  Equal Exchange  fundraiser! She’s offering delicious, organic fair trade coffee, as wel...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Swallows on a better year

Have not seen the numbers of swallows we have seen in year's past.
They are flying the kids hard.

Friday, August 15, 2014