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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Delbert McClinton - Every Time I Roll the Dice

for wednesday,
some vintage delbert mcclinton from yt
heard this yesterday on and just had to find a link.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pictures worth seeing...

I know you may be past the weary mark...

about fracking
it is a chance i must take.

sister reminded me that mom left the material plane 2 years ago today....
did i subconsiously remember that which I consciously pushed down,
the date i could not remember....only her birthday, same was such a fog.

me picking apart all the decisions i ever made.

like a country song.

so as this cartoon arrived on twitter feed,
my answer to the endless words spewed....lies..."natural" gaz, "Pipeline worth taking farms"

Here it came....

Tell me that corporations don't run the gov't.....look who profits from un-natural gaz....

to mom...we see the falcons and eagles establishing new nesting sites, and I think of you.....

Tommy's Dream

Tommy the Tweeting Cat

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fiddlin' Carson Peters - Orange Blossom Special

Truly destiny at work...happened yesterday, while racking up a few posts---schedule for today
actually helped fred plant the peppers,
the ground felt good. yes it is late, but with july evenings in the 50's, anything goes.
I had to "fiddle" around between blog links, html, you tube and picking the best version i could find
of this young man playing orange blossom special
i clicked one and errantly posted a lively 2/3.
this is 3/3 of Carson Peters weekend
kept thinking i had to post tunes in groups of 3....
sorry to ramble on.
just trying to say sometimes the media dictates what i send 'round the world,
and when i look back, as in this young man's fiddling and  sangin'....
it just makes me smile and be happy for a few minutes
that is powerful.

climb aboard the orange blossom special....

Fiddlin' Carson Peters - Billy Cheatham

This young man is amazing!
This weekend of music dedicated to Fiddlin' Carson Peters...TY YT

7.27.14 11:29 EDST
My post turned put was labelled wrong,
i.e., i made a mistake...
As Bob Ross so eloquently put it,
there are no mistakes,
only happy accidents...
<3 i="" kid...="" this="">

Billy Cheatham will do...
posting a bonus YT link once i wake up.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Link to George Takei interview on Jon Stewart show...Stellar!

Link to a Really great interview...
Brings some light to treatment of Japanese Americans during WW 2.
How strange that Germans were not treated the same. US at war with them.
Maybe it was that many Prussians/Germans immigrated to escape Germany,
in our families case, it was to escape the constant wars, the mandatory service.
Also strange that a 5 year old can see things as being so normal, routine.

Carson Peters and Ricky Skaggs - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" | Live at the G...

This one took my breath away...