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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Solidarity Call to Participate

Latest from Henry and the anti Trans Vermont Pipeline group
In Solidarity with our neighbors out West.


Hi folks -
You may have heard that the Army Corps of Engineers is denying the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline for the time being. This decision is subject to appeal, and will likely only stall the project until the Environmental Impact Statement is complete. We are keeping our boots on and going to continue to support this fight. We invite you all to join us :)
Here's the details for those who haven't yet seen it. Hope to see you tomorrow.



The majority of the masses of people at this action will be those who intend to show their support for the Water Protectors and not get arrested. However, we are actively recruiting at least 50 people to risk arrest in nonviolent civil disobedience to close TD bank, a major funder of security-force violence and the destruction of sacred lands at Standing Rock. Please join us in meeting the call to action! Dress for the weather and dress in your fancies (avoid the tattered hoodie, if possible)!

In recognition of specific asks of action in solidarity with Standing Rock, we expect all people involved in this action to adhere to the following agreements and principles of nonviolence:

Action Agreements for December 5th, 2016
  • I will recognize that indigenous people are leading this struggle and will not engage in erasing or appropriating their experiences and history.
  • I will be dignified and respectful in my behavior and communication and will avoid using vulgar language and gestures. These are serious issues, and our actions must be worthy of respect.
  • I will be nonviolent in my actions and communication and will maintain decorum in all of my activities during the action. I will not engage in destruction or defacement of property or in actions that could physically harm another person.
  • I will recognize the human rights of others and my individual responsibility to respect and uphold them.
  • I assume all risks that may stem from taking part in this action. I will take accountability for my actions.
  • I will respect the hard work of the organizers by helping to make the plan successful. This includes respecting the roles and responsibilities of the action liaisons. This action has a predetermined Police Liaison (someone who will communicate directly with law enforcement as long as possible), a Worker Liaison (someone who will communicate directly with workers or employees), and a Media Liaisons (people who will communicate directly with the media).
  • I will defer to the predetermined media spokespeople and to the media liaison to communicate with the media.  I will stay “on message” while/if engaging with the media and passersby.
  • I will not criticize, attack or undermine anyone's actions to the police, the media, or the public at large, but will make any concerns I have known to the organizations involved in order to improve our work together.
  • I recognize that the individual workers at TD bank are not responsible for the actions of TD bank. We will be respectful and courteous to workers at this action.
  • I understand that any solidarity action naming Standing Rock will reflect back on the tribe, not on the white people doing the solidarity actions.

What to bring/what not to bring

What to bring:
  • Cellphone (we may be making calls as part of the action)
  • A drink container (to minimize the need for disposable cups)
  • Any food or drink that you need (there will be food but we may not be able to accommodate specific needs)
  • For those risking arrest: Driver’s license or other photo ID
  • Respect, humility, and a sense of humor
What not to bring:
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Anything that may be considered a weapon, including pocketknives
  • Anything that you don't want to lose or that slows you down
What to wear:
  • Dress warmly, for the possibility of snow
  • Dress for respect, with the understanding that Standing Rock Solidarity actions are ceremony, and that poor dress in media photos reflects poorly on the movement
  • Waterproof or water resistant footwear

There is a rideshare list and signup! Check it out, and see if you can carpool!:

Please plan to join us, and help us spread the word.

Central VT Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Central VT Climate Action, Upper Valley Affinity Group, Educators and Parents for Racial Justice (EPRJ), the Make, and RisingTide VT.
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