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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Gaz News Roundup

We are Opponents of the Fracked Gas Pipeline proposed 

to go through Addison County, Vermont

We are a cohesive group with a common goal:

To Keep Addison County beautiful.

Take it from the top...

Our neighbor Melanie shared these facts and observations...

Here's a great news story about the federal court jury award in this case: .

We often talk about the fact that the VGS pipeline is going to increase demand for fracked gas from Alberta. In the long-term, we should also expect that it will increase demand for fracking in Pennsylvania. Why you may ask? Well, VGS' stated plan since at least 5 years ago has been to connect with the U.S. Pipeline system with the only, as far as I know, named option (versus general geographic border areas of Vermont with NY or Massachusetts) being via the Iroquois Gas pipeline system in the Glens Falls, NY area. Gaz Metro has, in turn, noted in its last few annual reports that it is in the process of switching its purchasing of gas from Alberta to Ontario because of declining production in Western Canada and rising tolls on the TransCanada pipeline. Gaz Metro has been purchasing gas that comes up from the U.S. through far Western NY and points further West to Ontario. Some of that gas then gets transported to the Vermont border and back into the U.S.!

Vermonters are already unwittingly helping to support fracked gas production in the Marcellus Shale! Eastern Canada's market is growing by 3% per year not counting Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) experts from the East Coast of Canada.

Cabot Oil & Gas, the defendant in this water contamination case, is also a partner in the Constitution Pipeline (look here for a story about the chopping down of a family's sugar bush in NY here: along with Williams and Iroquois. The Constitution Pipeline, now delayed until 2017 (see this brand new article here:, is supposed to bring fracked gas nearly to Albany with an eventual interconnection with the Iroquois pipeline system - the same one VGS wants to hook up with!

In March 2014, Hillary Clinton spoke at an event in Montreal that was co-sponsored by Gaz Metro (she was paid $275,000 for about 90 minutes). She talked about the need for Canada and the U.S. to collaborate to help lessen Europe's dependence on Russian NG (and bragged about the U.S. support for the introduction of fracking in Poland). One way to do that is to export lots of LNG from Canada, which is further along in developing and constructing LNG export facilities than the U.S. is, to Europe! In other words, Vermont is poised to become a corridor for fracked gas to Quebec and onward if we continue to allow VGS to expand.

There is a difference between waiting out the storm and giving up on expansion. I personally don't believe for a second that VGS has given up on Phase II, III, or IV of its plans.

Thanks for all you're doing to stop fossil fuel expansion in Vermont!


P.S. An interesting aside, mentioned by a fellow JPer in a question to Governor Shumlin at an Addison County legislative breakfast last March, is that as of 2010, Shumlin had a modest investment in Cabot Oil & Gas. You can see his 2010 investment disclosure if you scroll down to the bottom of this article for the link: .


Next: Big News...from Josh Fox...

BIG NEWS! Dimock family wins court case against fracking company

The Ely family outside federal court in Scranton, PA. Photo © 2016 Laura Evangelisto
Jane --

Yesterday two families from Dimock, PA, a town that has become emblematic of water contamination cause by fracking, won a historic victory against the industry. A federal jury awarded the Ely and Hubert families $4.25 million after determining that Cabot Oil and Gas contaminated their water.
This is HUGE! When Dimock’s water was contaminated in 2008 it was a dire warning shot fired to the rest of the world letting them know what happens when fracking comes to town. Any town, state or country that now has a fracking ban owes a large debt of gratitude to the Elys and other families in Dimock who spoke up about what was happening to them.
Speaking up wasn't easy.
The fracking industry PR machine threw everything they had to try to bring these families down, but they persevered for years determined to tell their story before a jury of their peers in court. This victory should serve as an important precedent, with families harmed by fracking all over the country now taking the industry to court.
Free screening and Q&A with Josh Fox
Saturday March 12
7:00PM @ TBD (we had a venue back out because the event was 'too political.' It says a lot about the state of Pennsylvania right now that climate change is controversial. That is why we need to tour there!)
We’ll be joined by the Holleran family, maple syrup farmers, who just lost their maple syrup farm when trees were cleared for the Constitution Pipeline, an illegal and unapproved pipeline that will bring fracked gas from companies like Cabot to export.
This screening is part of our Let Go And Love Tour that will bring the film to 100 communities fighting fracking and fracked gas infrastructure all over the country.
Community after community saw the Elys story through screenings of GASLAND and GASLAND Part II. Now, the anti-fracking movement is one of the fastest growing environmental movements in the country and as they Elys proved today - we can win.
But we can’t do it alone. Join us now. We need your help. More than ever. This momentum from this victory against the fossil fuel industry and showing the world that these companies need to be accountable. We won't stop till all communities harmed by fracking and fracked gas infrastructure get justice.This is why it matters to keep fighting. This is why we need 100% renewable energy. This is why we need to ban fracking. This is what fighting for the American dream is about.

Please help us spread the word. SHARE SHARE SHARE. We need each and every one of you....

Here's is my reaction to the verdict:
Josh Fox and Lee Ziesche
Let Go And Love Tour

How To Let Go Movie

OHHH Myyyy!
New York doesn't want the pipeline!
So Vermont gets it?


A neighbor shared this letter.


There are trust issues when it comes to big business. Too much money is at stake to take what big business says at face value. Consider the case of Vermont Gas (VGS) – owned by the Canadian giant Gaz Metro – whose machines are now destroying Williston habitat to install a fracked gas pipeline. Some weeks ago, VGS sent out a marketing letter to potential Addison County customers advertising that it is pleased to offer a cheaper heating option to customers. Is what this letter states true?
Well, the average price of oil for the last five weeks for oil is $1.80 (or 1.8028). When I go onto the VGS website to calculate how much the "average" Vermont family would save were it to switch from oil to fracked gas, I learn this: it would save no money. Instead, the average family would lose around $110 annually before taking into account conversion costs or the predicted rate hikes associated with VGS's pipeline expansion. As for the conversion costs, if my information is correct, rental conversion equipment costs $23/month or $276 annually; installation of an oil to gas conversion burner costs about $2000; replacement of a furnace/boiler costs anywhere from $2,500-$10,000; and, decommissioning/removal of an unused oil tank as required by State Law costs anywhere from $500 to $3,000 depending on whether the tank is above or below ground.
Gov. Shumlin and the Public Service Board told us that running a fracked gas pipeline though our town and state serves a "public good." That public good does not, apparently, include providing cheaper heating options to the average Vermont family. But if it doesn't, the right question to ask is just what the public good in question is. Right now, I do not see what it is.

Terence Cuneo
Williston, VT

News in between updates....

Natural gas explosion in Seattle. Nine firefighters injured - neighborhood destroyed.


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