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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Broken Heart

Broken Heart
She called for a ride,

Broken Heart
On the phone,

The Rogue Rooster
Coldly rejected her,
"Check", was all he said.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pluto, Speak

Pluto, Speak

Pluto, Speak, You are a planet,

Then you weren't
Then you were, er, are,
Or Are you?

We Earthlings are distracted,
By other Earthlings,
Mean, Ugly, Adorable, Nice,
They come in all varieties of the same strand.

So as the Twitter feed goes rolling by,
I do try to select the Astronomical Tweets,
Filter out the weird, boring, repetitive.
There was this one of Pluto,
I knew it meant a lot, 
Right after I saw Titan's lakes.

So what are those lights,
or fires, lava,
or something we don't know yet?

Perhaps Pluto will Speak to us,
What are those lights?


Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Night Musik Amy Helm has a new album!

Amy Helm has a new album!

Oh yes, we ordered ours,
Now go here and order yours.
Video links from YouTube
Great musik!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


The Zentangle led me to sailing,
Funny how I do the outline, 
then fill in with colors and lessons,
pick the markers pretty much randomly,
or so it seems,
then the image,
the scene emerges.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer's Web

first i posted the spider web photo
then tonight i retweeted a lot from the public service board hearings on the
proposed addison county pipeline

here are a few...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

PSB holding gas pipeline hearings - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

PSB holding gas pipeline hearings - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

This came in yesterday but I couldn't post because the music yesterday took priority.
These corporate bullies flap and flutter, spit and sputter, mix and mutter.
They promise only what the bureaucracy needs to justify their greedy hunger.

A few tweets from the hearing...

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

you tube link...

Great song for Father's Day without Dad
Following Mother's Day without Mom.

May the Circle be Unbroken...

Gaz Recap #fracking Monkton,Vermont Pipeline fight

For the first Day of Summer,

Some recent articles from our friendly Addison, County, Vermont anti pipeline group.

Newest news first...

BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday, Rising Tide Vermont member Johanna Anderson locked herself to a section of the fracked gas pipeline, currently under construction in Essex, Vt.

After halting construction for over four hours, Johanna was arrested, held in jail for several hours, and eventually charged with one count of unlawful trespass.
Despite reports in the media, Johanna was not charged with a felony.

Johanna was released late yesterday afternoon, and her spirits are high. She is looking forward to seeing all of you this Monday at 4 pm in Montpelier for the Rise Up, Speak Out! Truth-In and Vigil. 

From the local and national press:
Vermont Gas pipeline demonstrator arrested in Essex
Vermont Gas pipeline demonstrator arrested in Essex ... whether to renew Vermont Gas' certificate of public good for the 41-mile natural gas pipeline ...
1 arrested at Vermont Gas pipeline protest
ESSEX, Vt. (AP) - A Vermont woman has been arrested after chaining herself to a Vermont Gas Systems pipe site in Essex in protest of phase one of ...
from the Burlington Free Press

Vermont Gas protester surrenders to police
One protester from Rising Tide Vermont is chained to a Vermont Gas pipe site in Essex this morning. A group of protesters arrived at about 6:30 a.m. at ...

Press release from 6/18/2015
Local Activist Halts Pipeline Construction on Eve of Permit Hearings

June 18, 2015
Contact: Ryan Gillard, Rising Tide Vermont, 802-359-3520,

Essex, VT - Early Thursday morning Johanna Anderson, a Plainfield resident, outdoor educator and member of Rising Tide VT locked her body to machinery and stopped work at a Vermont Gas Systems pipeline construction site in Essex. After halting construction for over four hours, she was arrested and escorted off site.

"I’m laying my body on the line to prevent Vermont Gas from wrecking the climate on the backs of ratepayers and putting communities from Alberta to Middlebury at risk,” said Anderson. “VGS is playing an irresponsible game as they continue to build this pipeline despite the possibility of losing their permits; we're here to show them they are wrong.”

The action comes less than a week before the Public Service Board holds technical hearings on whether to revoke the Phase 1 permits due to significant cost increases and opposition.

Anderson said, “For almost three years, we've seen state agencies and Vermont Gas ignore the concerns of landowners, ratepayers and the public. We're here today to stop construction of a pipeline that has little public support and extreme regulatory uncertainty. We’re calling on the Public Service Board to do the same after next week's technical hearings."

Public outcry and rising costs forced Vermont Gas to withdraw permits for Phase 2 of the pipeline in early 2015, protecting Lake Champlain and shoreline communities from the dangers of an explosive pipeline. Opponents maintain that Phase 1 is just as irresponsible a project as Phase 2.

Rising Tide’s action on Thursday illustrates heightened opposition to the project and foreshadows plans for actions in response to the technical hearings next week.

Pipeline opponents will gather for a massive rally and all-night vigil in Montpelier this coming Monday, at 4PM outside the Public Service Board hearings. Participants are calling on the Shumlin administration, PSB, and Vermont Gas to respect the rights of communities from Alberta to Monkton to a livable planet and scrap the pipeline.

from the Addison Independent...

Regulator to host technical hearing on gas pipeline plan

Posted on June 18, 2015 |
By Addison Independent

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Public Service Board on Monday, June 22, will begin the first of an anticipated two days of technical hearings en route to deciding whether to reopen the permitting process for Phase I of proposed Addison-Rutland Natural Gas Project, which calls for a 43-mile natural gas pipeline extension from Colchester to Middlebury and Vergennes.
The Public Service Board in December 2013 approved the proposed pipeline, in spite of widespread opposition voiced at a series of public hearings. But the board is now determining whether to reopen its review of the plan in light of major cost overruns associated with the project. In July of 2014, Vermont Gas announced cost estimates had ballooned from $87 million to $122 million.
The June 22 meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Public Service Board hearing room on the third floor of the People’s United Bank Building at 112 State St., Montpelier.

Addison County Independent
Regional planning commission re-evaluating stance on pipeline
Regional planning commission re-evaluating stance on pipeline .... Phase II of the project, which would have carried the natural gas pipeline to an ...

Opinion: Palmers to fight against gas pipeline at PSB hearings

Posted on June 18, 2015 |
By Mary Martin

Nate and Jane Palmer are not the only people fighting Vermont Gas pipeline expansion but they are the faces of the fight. Once again they will be before the Vermont Public Service Board on June 22-23 to present our case.
A grassroots group of Vermonters, Just Power, have come together to stop this fossil fuel pipeline. We helped push back part of the plan (Phase II) and now we are ready to end the entire project.
We have successfully completed our Go Fund Me campaign. With the generous support of people from all over the state, we have raised over $15,000 in 29 days.
Because of this outpouring, we will have legal representation during the hearing. One lawyer against Vermont Gas legal team; a team of attorneys made up from two prominent law firms.
A message from Nate and Jane: “Thank you to all who contributed to the fight against this pipeline. When we first heard about this project, we were only surmising that most folks would not think it was a good idea. But now we know. And now, not only do we have the funds to hire an attorney, we can also feel the support of everyone who donated. It feels like we have gathered strength and energy from all of you and it couldn’t have come at a better time!
“At the technical hearings on June 22 and 23, because of your generosity, we will not have to feel totally out of place in a situation we could not possibly prevail in. The system is not set up for people like us to have a fair share of input … but now we have another shot at getting our voices heard. The Public Service Board needs to re-examine the costs and benefits of the Addison ‘Natural’ Gas Project and we are confident that if they do, they will find it is seriously lacking and not in the best interest of Vermont and Vermonters.”
Thank you for being good neighbors and helping us stop this pipeline. By preventing the creation of new markets here for fracked gas we are also helping our other, long-distance neighbors in Canada where the gas is fracked. It all adds up to help make the world a better place. Thanks again.
Please join us in Montpelier on June 22-23 for the hearing.
From the Burlington Free Press

Opinion: Turn out for Vermont Gas hearing
Turn out for Vermont Gas hearing. On June 22 and 23, David is going to face off against Goliath in tense competition refereed by the Vermont Public ...


Update...from the digger...
they met their modest goal and still they can use all the help they can get...

Fundraising success for opponents of the fracked gas pipeline
Addison and Chittenden Counties, Vt – A grassroots group opposing the fracked gas pipeline has met its goal to establish a legal fund and hire a ...

Report from Texas:

Media Release: June 16, 2015

Contact - Elida Tamez: 940-367-215,

92 Year Old Great Grandmother And Son Block Denton Fracking Operation

In Acts of Civil Disobedience, Elder Mother and Son Stage Sit-In for Local
Control to Stop First Post-HB40 Fracking in Denton

DENTON, TX--TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2015-- Two Denton residents have blocked the
entrance to the city’s first active fracking operation since the passage
of HB40, a state bill which strips local

control of fracking from all cities across Texas. Violet Palmer, a 92 year
old great grandmother, and her son Theron Palmer, seated themselves in
front of fracking trucks attempting to enter Vantage Energy’s urban
fracking site. Theron has locked himself to the gates of the site and both
are refusing to leave.

“I am standing up today because never in my lifetime has there been such an
egregious disregard for the democratic process in Texas,” said Violet. “We,
the citizens of Denton clearly indicated our frustrations with regulating
fracking when we voted for the fracking ban last November. The Texas
legislature ignored our vote and our community standards.”

Denton’s prohibition on hydraulic fracturing was supported by nearly 60
percent of voters last November; however, industry-sponsored state
lawmakers responded with the passage of HB40, a law that effectively
preempts all local control of oil and gas regulations statewide. Less than
48 hours after HB40 was signed into law, Colorado based Vantage Energy
announced that it would bring fracking back to Denton at a site located
directly across the street from a neighborhood and several businesses.

“To imply that the expertise to regulate oil and gas resides only within
the confines of Austin, is a condescending slap at the intelligence and due
diligence of our local citizenry,” stated Theron Palmer. “We clearly
expressed our community standards, now nullified and replaced by the very
narrow interests of those economic elites who dominate oil and gas
development and hence the Texas legislature.”

Over the course of the last two weeks Denton residents have been taking
direct action to enforce the city’s fracking ban. In the first week since
fracking operations returned to Denton, dozens of residents blocked the
gates, resulting in seven arrests. Residents have also organized weekly
events dubbed “Frack Free Fridays,” promising to maintain a large presence
at Vantage Energy’s site until the operator respects Denton’s vote and
permanently ends all fracking within city limits.

“To paraphrase Edmund Burke, the only thing necessary for the triumph of
evil is for good women to do nothing. So I am doing something,” said Violet Palmer.

For Live Updates: Follow @BPRisingTide <>
on Twitter, Blackland Prairie Rising Tide
on Facebook.

For future updates and information:

And a small collection of my photos...


Below is a representation of the type of lands the Canadian Corporation 
wants for transmission fields.

Monkton and Hinesburg, Vermont

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Backup Group

Casey and Boots

They desperately needed a break.
Casey wasn't much to look at but
She could sing the blues like no tomorrow.

Boots loved Casey for food, shelter and companionship.
He picked up a harmonica backstage at one of Casey's gigs.
Surprisingly a natural player.
They were a sight to see and hear.

They just needed a break.

Thursday, June 18, 2015



Has a way of finding you.

We went to our favorite thrift store and I finally got a photo of this plane.

At the Middlebury VFW

The history of this plane.

Sunday, June 14, 2015



The image,
The arrows,
The Archer,
A MonSter.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

Do kids still climb trees?

There was a time when I would climb a tree,
Without a ladder,
Or audience.

The perspective is unique,
Often solitary,
Or so it seems at first.

The phrase,
"Out on a Limb",
Means taking risks,
On your own.

It never seemed to be a risk,
Climbing trees.
Once in awhile, though,
someone would fall off a tree limb and break a bone.
Then we had some excitement in the neighborhood.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Night Musik link

Fred spooled this up,
previewing these great musicians
who are doing a show at

Once I saw this video,
I was ready to post for Friday night.
Enjoy the link!
Buy their musik!
Have a Great weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gaz Updates

What I can handle of the Gas, Gaz updates,
Fricking, Fracking.

Some spin yarns of wool,
Some spin lies, you fool.

Now for our stop the pipeline group-think collection of links...
Love this group!

News from Arkansas:

From all over...

Natural gas leak closes Highway 20 in Lebanon
Moore said that Northwest Natural Gas was worried about the potential for an explosion at the house, which led to the closure of all lanes of the ...

Sounds like NH is still on the route.

Boston Herald
Worcester pipeline stalls
The developer of a $4 billion natural gas pipeline is retrenching after it was unable to secure a customer for an additional Worcester pipeline.

Controversial New England gas pipeline proposal scaled back
Stymied by a lack of new natural-gas customers, Kinder Morgan Inc. is scaling back the scope of its controversial proposal to build a network of new ...


NatGas Imports From Canada Lowest Since 1995; Exports to Mexico Up
Canadian natural gas exports to the United States shrank last year to their ... Pipeline flows from Canada into the U.S. fell to 2.722 Tcf in 2014, off by 5% from ... The latest annual gas trade scorecard registers dramatic effects of U.S. ...

Presenters say consumers pay for gas leaks
SOMERSET — An eye opening number of gas leaks in the Boston area cause ... Wool said gas leaks can cause explosions that cause injuries and deaths. ... Prokosch said that electricity generation has to be moved off of natural gas ...
Pipeline Expansion Foes Say Latest Approval Shows Gas Will Be Exported
CORTLANDT MANOR, N.Y. -- A grassroots coalition, No Pipeline ... that natural gas from Spectra Energy's Northeast pipeline expansions will be ...

From Vermont Digger:

Scheduled events in Vermont...
Call for Action:

Dear friends - Sending this again in case it didn't go out to everyone,

Since 2012, Vermont Gas Systems has attempted to construct a 42-mile long fracked gas pipeline from Colchester to Middlebury. Due to widespread opposition from the public and landowners, Phase 2 of the pipeline was defeated in early 2015, protecting Lake Champlain and shoreline communities from the dangers of an explosive pipeline. And now, as the cost of Phase 1 continues to rise, the Vermont Public Service Board will decide whether or not to scrap Vermont Gas’ permits altogether, putting an end to the largest fossil fuel expansion in Vermont in the past 50 years.

On Monday, June 22, at 4 pm, people from across Vermont will gather in front of the Public Service Board hearings in Montpelier to stand up for our right to a livable planet and to defend the rights of communities from Alberta to Monkton. Will you be there?

Sign up here:

Together, we will send a resoundingly clear message to the Board and the Governor: It’s time to scrap the fracked gas pipeline once and for all.

After rallying outside the hearings, we will hold an all-night vigil and encampment to remember and honor those who have already lost their homes or lives due to climate chaos. There will be music, food, and opportunities to connect with your neighbors and community to grieve, offer prayers, sing, and share the weight of all we are up against. We will also have facilitated conversations considering how to move this movement forward and stop the fracked gas pipeline and build a just and livable future for all.

On the morning of Tuesday, June 23, we will break camp and fill the hearings to support intervening landowners who are standing up to the fracking industry in the regulatory arena.

The human and environmental impacts are huge. From the shalefields of Alberta to the communities in Chittenden and Addison counties, people’s health, safety and democratic participation are cast aside for the interests of the fossil fuel industry. The time to rise up to demand and create a better world has come. Please visit to sign up to join us and learn more.

-Anna and the Campaign to Stop the Fracked Gas Pipeline

P.S. Invite your friends to participate by forwarding this call to action on other list serves and sharing the facebook event.

More links and wise commentary...:
VT Gas must be playing the looong game since they won't head for Rutland until 2030 without the IP spur.

Dispatch center, economy tops for delegation

... give greater flexibility to the Vermont Economic Growth Incentive program. ... the Rutland County Parent-Child Center, S-P Land and Vermont Gas

Bad news for landowners..and lover of the pristine Oregon Coast:

New Hampshire Public Radio
Federal regs would preempt NH regs on eminent domain for pipeline projects like Kinder Morgan
Sponsors said the bill would protect landowners' rights, but many cautioned it wouldn't pre-empt federal statute that allows natural gas pipeline ...

From Energy Independence to Export, same pipe new purpose.

Your View: Jordan Cove is the new Keystone XL pipeline
Our quiet cove at the edge of the Pacific Ocean is heir apparent to the debate that raged over the Keystone XL Pipeline. With a massive natural gas ...

Who pays?
Vermont balks at using ratepayer money for transmission build-out
Vermont, which regulates the electricity industry differently than its neighbors, is not as affected by the natural gas price spikes experienced by the rest ...

Give them an inch and they'll take your backyard.
from huff. post

From the Business Insider:

And Last but not least:

A good sign...
Mary Gerdt

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Summer is slowly becoming summer.

Our old farmstand served us well.
Was good for pocket change, selling surplus.

It left for a new home recently.
Memories stayed behind.

Publishing late today, snafu...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunday Dinner for Vulture


This is the closest I have been to a turkey vulture.
They do resemble turkeys.
He/she is enjoying his or her lunch, roadkill. He/she was not leaving under any circumstances so Fred snapped a few pictures.