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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Summer Images

can be
a hard
sends the
Rose of Sharon
the Swallows head south.

We dream of spring even before the first frost,
reminded of how brief a summer we have had.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mars or Bust

From Buzz Aldrin's twitter feed.....

I am in...
re you?

Friday, August 29, 2014

One More from Rattlin' Bone

from you tube,
that friday night sound...

Oz Noy with Special Guest Warren Haynes and Chris Layton, Roscoe Beck, R...

More friday night musik to rework the energy of the day...
in memory of stevie ray vaughn,
on our minds this week.

#fracking update breaking bad stuff

I refuse to interrupt friday nacht musik,
preferring to allow a 
virtual musical cleansing

but seeing more
each day
of other bad stuff,
like someone saying 
"look over there"
Whilst they pick your pocket

a person, presumed female, with a cartoon face,
who goes by name miss nomer, which/who I inferred
may be using, well, a mis-nomer...other name/alias
she, presumably female,
has been down on me in the comments on the

I did not comment.
I held back the reins and begged other anti fracking peeps
to comment 

is that censorship?
in it's lightest form on the spectrum?

So today,
my great neighbor posted a link to perk me up,

Reaffirm our position...

From the Rutland Herald comments...
thanks bob!

Friday Nacht Musik #Rattlin Bone

for friday

Rattlin' Bone

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

1919 The Roaring Road (Wallace Reid, Ann Little, Guy Oliver, Theodore Ro...

Link to an early silent movie starring

Wallace Reid.

My Grandmother, Fanny, was quite fond of him.

Did they ever meet?
He was from St. Louis,
was in theater.
Fanny was in theater in Edwardsville, Illinois,
And travelled or wanted to travel with the theater troupe.
Her father forbade her,
thus ending Fanny's career.

Wallace made many movies. Movies produced before 1930 ish are in the public domain.
Wallace died young.
More later.

Fred said the early movies had a lot of 
car races.
Wallace was responsible for a few.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Robert Leslie October Song

One More YT link to Robert Leslie
Live from NYC

Really Great!

Robert Leslie's Ode to Justin Bieber "Is This What You Dreamed Then"

Thank you kindly,

Robert Leslie,


The Iridium,
(my favorite NY club I attend virtually),

this link
this piece of Levity,
Sorely needed
to turn my head around.

feeling Ordinary?
maybe that's not such a bad lot...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sparring, #fracking and Nerve endings


Back and forth I go,
editorial arguments,
woven with social media,
like burrs,
snarling up,
the ties that bind kept entering my mind...

Addison Independent's reporter Zach has renewed my interests.
Commenters using what seems like alias personae are verbally sparring with me and the neighbor, about that pipeline Canadians want to slip in thru the neighbor's garden.

It hit a nerve again today
Property Rights
It screamed.

So I thought I would post one letter,
out of all the letters that I wrote
where I attempted to show the cold cruelty of the so called select board-5 elected people who make some decisions,
and sometimes go too far.
Impossible to fight,
I chose to bring to light what is possible in a sleepy town.
People can be cruel, mean, without even drawing a weapon.

Really an FYI, readers,
My nerves need a virtual poultice.
yes, I did all I could do to try to reform this corrupt sick system...

Hello Governor Shumlin,
On October 13, 2009, our 48 acre farm plus 10 acre swamp property was nearly sold by the Town of Monkton to satisfy about $6,000 for being late 9 months paying taxes.
This was the first year we qualified for property tax adjustment by income.
We had always paid taxes on time for 17 years. This property has been in Fred's family since the late 1800's.
We incurred shame, fees, penalties, costs including percentages of the tax to a lawyer and tax collector.
We were never offered abatement or other arrangements.
I never had any idea this happened until a month later when we paid the next year's tax: $5,000.
The day before the tax sale, Fred paid them from an account we established in case I cannot work.
I have MS. Fred was out of work and had been a self employed electrician.
I have been struggling to get resolution. I applied for abatement but could not face certain people in town.
I argued because of many factors. These are on my blog.
I lost.
I still want to see what they did to notify us they were selling our property and why after only 9 months late.
The selectboard is not cooperating in seeing this. I cannot afford an atty. I am sorry the bill died in the committee to look at penalties like the $500 we had to pay the tax collector (8%). The town cannot even tell me what they did to inform me or my husband. I have asked for over 1 year.
The selectboard does what they want and they stand behind this practice. God help the next people
who are 9 months late paying taxes. Nobody else cares.
Thanks for listening. I think you are doing a good job.
Please look at property taxes, they are robbing from my family of bread.
and off topic, Please let Yankee stay open with conditions. Talk with Meredith Angwin. Please do not emotion rule your decisions on this. Rely on science.
Mary E. Gerdt

Shooter Jennings.....Playin' 'Possum

friday night musik selection this week emerged from listening to the morning show,
wednesday his guest
Shooter Jennings...
Son of Waylon
with a new recording...all about George Jones.....

Enjoy this link...

Get More:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Working It Out from

Dad told me not to retire too soon.
He was  bored, no plan, fixed income.
Likewise I remembered watching him.
I always watched him.
Work, Postal delivery in So Illinois,
on foot,
rain, sleet, snow and swampy air,
I fought disability until 56.
I agree with working as long as you can.
But when your life becomes
Life support for your job,
and your energie bank runs dry,
leaving emptiness,
make a new plan. expresses what I have felt not working.
Miss the banter, the challenges,
the cognitive framework a routine offers.
love this me thinking...

Wire walking in New York - Phillipe Petit

The Always Amazing
yt link to
Phillippe Petit

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Raw Beauty NYC


Media, the message, and Bias? Say it isn't so....#fracking

So I really wanted to keep Les Paul's history video at the top of the page.
Was going to not open gaz emails today, having sparred on addison independent editorial page during commercials while watching ncis...and ncis-la last night...
But when I saw the pristine NY times putting pro natural gas links on their pages,
well, they are hitting a nerve.

No doubt you already know about this, but I didn’t....
One of those little VGS ads showed up on the page when I was reading the NY Times online. This time I clicked on the “Support the Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project” link in the ad, to see what it led to. I found this online form letter to the Public Service Board, with the request that people “pledge” their “support” by signing the letter to the PSB with their name and town.
XXXXXXXXXXXX  Notice--->>Link Censored....this is My site and I oppose  proposed Gaz pipeline in Vermont....stick it in NY, NYTimes......meg

Les Paul - Inventor, Innovator, Overdubber, Looper

Great YT link for a little
history of modern recording

Les Paul & Mary Ford

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Speed of #fracking

 the speed of fracking,
ranging from threats to the earth's integrity,
potential contamination,
many would predict it is inevitable,


foreign corporations poking around peoples' backyards,
Vermonters who,
30 years ago,
may have drawn a piece.
now, a kinder, gentler vermont,
with unseen forces helping the frackers...
farckers making
threats of suing, wanting to
cram pipelines thru our precious
 images of vermont

did u know it freezes here?
5 feet or more down,
you can't even bury a body in the winter,
the vermont public service board said, hey, 3 feet, that's cool...


and finally, an article articulating the necessity for reconsideration of a pipeline...
they can transport gaz a different way...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blogging Forward: #fracking ♻: To the Ends of the Earth: A Guide to Unconventiona...

♻: To the Ends of the Earth: A Guide to Unconventiona...: Recomendado por: Sam Dolgoff Hi Barton Moss anti-frackers! Hope you are all doing well. I have recently produced a report for Corporate Watc...

Blogging the above link forward--->
Send around the World a few times.....
Keep it spinning
A web of not so common sense.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Swallows on a better year

Have not seen the numbers of swallows we have seen in year's past.
They are flying the kids hard.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (A capella)

A friend posted this yt link on fb.
at first i jiggled all the connections,
toggled the switches,
it starts out silent.

oh, but it ends up being a masterful piece,
and you will not forget him.
rest in peace, oh Mr. Gaye, you left before your time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tribute to a Great Cat

Great Cats,

Truly Great Cats,
are rare enough,
and plentiful enough,
that we have had a few.

Captain ...a Y2K cat

Girly was born in Y2k



A friend, Lisa, wanted a kitten.
We had so many that year that just materialized here.
With the help of Green Mountain Animal Defenders,
We were able to trap and neuter them.
Whitney and Captain were quasi-siblings.

I wanted to give Captain to Lisa.
He would have none of it. Usually mild, he stomped away.
That left Whitney,
7 toed wonderful sweet girl.
Lisa took her and had her until Lisa became ill.
We agreed to always take her back if Lisa needed us to.
The time had come.
Her name was changed to Meredian, after a song that Lisa was into...:)

When she moved back here, we changed her name to Girly Girl,
Called her also Missy, Miss Girly Girl, etc....

Always delightful,
Loving and distant.
Cuddly and defiant.
Dominant girl cat.

You don't always know the dominant cats.
Captain was dominant too. The male King.
He was furious at us for letting Whitney (his Queen) go away.
We thought nothing of it.
I was so surprised.

Girly/Missy even tweeted...

Girly has been sick lately. Looked like an infected tooth.
We love our office vets, but It is so hard to get animals to the vet office.
So I called our Mobile Vet. It was a great option for us, for the cats.
We really appreciate Dr. Ross and his team of assistants for making Girly comfortable,
explaining her problems,
and respecting her choice to be seen at home.
Kind of back to the future, really.
Check them out on FB

Girly went to heaven this morning.
The vet came and they examined her under anesthesia.
She had cancer above the bad tooth.
We were lucky she went this far.
The vet then talked to me again, We agreed to have her euthanized if it was cancer and not just a bad tooth, which had been the plan.
It was all as peaceful as could be.

As is the custom,
I opened a window.
Looked for crows...
Saw none, how odd...

Rest in Peace our Miss Whitney Meredien Girly Girl
<3 font="">


Blues For Tuesday....

just a little advice from one who had a satellite dish.
well, we still have it, it is not functional.
the cost creeped up into the 80's per mo and we finally
got rid of it.
instead, i subscribe to YT channels,
one song leads to another,
educational videos,
In this case, Blues from the Walter Trout Band...
perfect for today.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Seriously Sad News

Robin Williams: definitely one seriously funny guy
and the news of his sad passing is so seriously sad.
I searched for a tweet to post.
This one seems like a place he would find solace.
My heart and prayers go to his family and friends,
Such a loss, Such a funny man who cheered me up
so many times...                                                 

YT link to Stagger Lee

So we knew there was a message
or rather, messages
from Levon,
in his volume 3 midnight rambles.
the songs all done by people who supported him
through his darkest days,
throat cancer a physical and mental blow,
enduring treatment, recovery, stresses,
facing losses so dear.

My favorite song on Levon's volume 3 album is Stagger Lee,
sung by Little Sammy Davis.
We got volume 1 and 2 and Little Sammy sang a lot when Levon was ordered not to sing.
Little Sammy is incredible.

I started to realize the songs were songs that would have been for more mature audiences,
like his midnight ramble memories.
Country fair, music show.
The kids and women left after the clean act.
Then things got more interesting.

So started researching Stagger Lee.
I had posted Hugh Laurie's stellar version awhile ago.

Lloyd Price wrote and recorded the first version
which became a #1 hit
and was censored, 
the artist forced to changed versions.
the censored version
boldly played where people dared...

Lloyd's bio here, on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame site:
What a guy!

You'll have to buy Levon and Little Sammy's version...
the truest likeness to Mr. Lloyd Price's version,

buy levon music

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reenactment Crown Point, NY

There is a War Reenactment going on this weekend in NY  at Crown Point.
This is a movie I did of the French Indian War.
Quite a bit of serious living history.
Well worth attending!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yesterday...World Cat Day

Thanks to Rayne Hall, author, and Cat lover,
to remind me of World Cat Day.
It was yesterday so as I scrambled for my daily post,
it seemed fitting to put this tweet up.
Mom's painting,
Thru the mouse hole...

Happy World Cat Day...belated.
They are special animals indeed.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

On the Wire and video by Philippe Petit

“Life is on the Wire, Everything else is just waiting.” Karl Wallenda

IMG_20140807_084323I Recently Started drawing More structured I get it, Sherry! Lately, circus pictures, people on the high wire, no net. Have more unfinished ones of jumping through hoops, my journey to get disability benefits.
Then This week some envelopes surfaced. Jesse gave them to me when he got back from a trip to n.y.c. circa 1975-ish. I was so thrilled at the time! Pleasantly surprised this week...remembering Jesse for a moment.

Then, today,
not so randomly,
the 40th anniversary of Philippe Petit walking a tightrope between the World Trade Center Towers, when there were towers. As I searched for who he is/was/will be, I found a video he did and was quite entertained. In between thunderstorms I racked up these images, put them into a post and hopefully will go up momentarily. Hope you enjoy...and think about walking the wire.                  


Gaz Recap #Fracking

Scheduling for Thursday,

yes that is close to lip syncing,
but girl needs a break now and again.

like winter storms seem to prefer a certain day of the week,
my Gaz round up posts seem to settle on Thursday.

This week, struggling against the tide,
You tube helped me out, suggesting tunes I would like so much
I scheduled them right in a row.
Just didn't work for music.

Here is the Gaz, fracking updates...
bear with me if anything changed between tuesday and today...
that is the speed of "natural" gaz...
From our friends to the southeast...

local news from vt digger:

from columbus, indiana:

Regarding Vermont Public Service Board...
recent rulings of note:

"Public" radio weighs in...w/thumb on is not "natural" gaz!

Link to wall street journal...yawning...
how many times does $35,000 go into 100 million?

From the Conservation law project...

Summer blazes at lightspeed...

That is all for now...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Changes

Summer Changes

Summer Changes
doesn't it seem that way,
Some years?

Some like 60° f at night,
Have lost my taste for that,
Is something wrong with me or them,
Or are we simply different?

August turns a page of summer,
July gone,
June a distant memory.
The cold I won't forget.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Robert Hunter - "Deal" / 07.21.14 / City Winery, New York, NY

one more...

John Hiatt - Face Of God [Audio Stream]

Sierra Hull - Don't Pick Me Up [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass Country]

Stellar music from Bluegrass Country...

Breaking (Bad) #fracking

History will show that

all we had were words and photos and love of the land.

would that be enough to stop the frackers?
Break our dependence of fossil fuels (that would be dinosaur fossils...)

Had hoped for a break from the bad news about frackin', 
That Friday could be devoted to restful contemplation.
Then this grim reminder...

here is what wsj left out:
1. "Vermont" Gas is owned by a big Canadian energy company.
2. Vermont maple syrup must come from Vermont, be made in Vermont or the state will sue you.
3. $35,000 is chump change. Hmm...where will the $121 million come from to pay for ? (is advertant a the opposite of inadvertant?) dare I say, perhaps Intentional?? overrun?
121 million minus 35 thousand....
4. These Gaz people do not have the permits, the soil studies.
5. Weary of defending the lake. Defend it we must!
Keep pipelines out of the water, the wetlands, the dry lands, this land is someone's land.

Friday Nacht Musik and Hetty Bot

hetty is my hero, whether she is brandishing a pen or a sword, she is one tough spy lady <3 nbsp="">

Replaying one of my favorites....
for Dad.
July was a cold month in the north country,
coldest in my 30 plus years here
we actually had a fire in a desparate moment...

remembering mom, gone now 2 years
dad communicating in broken words,
facilitated by loyal sibs <3 p="">Dad, almost 92, told Paul
"don't fly too close to the sun"....
what a philosopher.
Now I see again what Mom saw in him.
how they vibed on those deep levels...
I read the story again of Icarus, whose father devised him wings sealed with wax.
As Icarus flew too high, the sun melted his wings and he dropped.