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Monday, June 30, 2014

Moonrise over #Frack ers wish list

Over the swamp
The corps of engineers said,
No sweat,
Run a high pressure un(natural) gaz line a few feet down
Then head for the lake.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

archives of monkton chronicles 2014

Monkton Chronicles,
End of June 2014
I know, I know,
sometimes we chroniclers write just because we have a deadline.
In this case, an imaginary deadline, for an imaginary newspaper with one writer, one town, and no dough. I mean the green dough, gluten free: greenbacks, Benjamin Franklins, Buckazoids, cashola, currency. The newspapers that print on dead or murdered trees get paid by advertisers, an obvious fact to me but sadly not to many others. The newspapers may slant or lean news towards their advertisers. Still we are all subject to the veiled messages, the subliminal suggestions, the pressures of society, our bigger dysfunctional family. Well, it is both functional And dysfunctional. Yin and Yang....
Had wanted to write more often and decided I would write what I can, what comes up, what and when it seems relevant to me. This is my travelogue, where typos are sometimes left, grammar is freestyle turn of the second millennial midwestern to vermont transplant, and i struggle with daily pain, fatigue and the frustrations of paperwork, frustrations, bureaucratic crapola that comes with disability. it was so easy when i did it for someone else. have a good rest of far cold one in monkton, vermont. we are at a crossroads in our fight to stop the proposed canadian->NY pipeline someone thought worth taking people's hard won property for. not too late to jump into the fray. Q: how do you argue with a corps of engineers? A: don't bother, you will just waste your breath
Q: how do you argue with a corps of engineers? A: you'll never go anywhere, fool, you were not listening to me....
there...june 2014 in a nutshell
End of May 2014
Struggling against the tide of paperwork to claim I am disabled when all I can do is the essential paperwork du jour dictating to me what do I need to do today? Working out the system in my head, as I sit and ponder this bureaucratic daytime nightmare, I am reminded of that blank stare as I would ask clients, did you fill out the form? I am reminded of the impressive stacks of befuddling papers, notices, warnings, messages that suck your energy. Do the dishes? Sorry, not today. Been stuck in an energy suck all day. It's likes a tornado only it sucks, it doesn't blow. Pipeline battle all radical now. Or so the pay media would have you think. Such uncivil tone! screams the editor of the Addy Indy, the local feel good rag for the college people to see the Idyllic county their kids live, study in and become the future senators, stock brokers, CEO's, Inheritors, Trustees, Skiers, Artists, Authors, Thinkers, Beautiful people.
I can write run on sentences. This is my blog and I can Whinge if I want to ;<{
It does a body good to spill one's guts. If you don't want to read this, please press the "X" at the top right corner of the screen.
I wasn't even sure if I could write an update for the end of May 2014. I felt like we got robbed of usable sunshine. Sunny days were too cold and windy out, then rainy and cloudy. Nights still 40's-chilly. Fred looking for wood pellets to burn.
Meanwhile nothing can rob me of the healing memories of being at Levon Helm's barn last Saturday night. Fred took care of me, pampering me all week so I could have the energy to attend the bar b que and concert...I made it. Even as I stood longer than I have in 6 months, I felt Levon's presence, I felt the Catskill stone under my feet, like it was under his feet, grounding him, like a magnet holding his feet to the ground, like it was holding me. I decided to resist posting any anti pipeline stuff until June 1st. I decided in honor of Levon and all those who played with him, and family, friends, fans, I would only focus on music this week. Music, that vibration, that mathematical vibration that gives us pleasure, takes us to times in our lives. Like the first time I was in the Catskills, Judy and I were in her plymouth Fury, visiting her friends. In the tape deck played Stage Fright, The Great Divide....Many of the songs played by The Weight last Saturday night....Google took us careening over a mountain trail to get from Tannersville where we were staying to levon's. I have some photos-working on sorting those into a movie. We had some adventures for sure. I decided not to spoil my week of music posting for those fracking bullies. But when I post an update...there will be a lot I have stored from taking a week off. We love Levon and his people...Have never had a more lovely night than a night at the Midnight Ramble...Levon's Healing barn of wood.
Early to Mid May 2014
Updates, Tragedy & Ecstasy. Feeling so behined on reporting. In my mind, being an official world gateway to Monkton, VT, or at least trying to tell the world what is going on here.
Emerging from a crab like crustacean state induced by a hellacious winter past, bone crushing fatigue of MS et al and overwhelmed at the f'ing mountains de Paperwork I have had to process, Fred pulling up the slack. Me still in denial from time to time that I am disabled alternating with panic that I am done fer. Looking for a happy medium.
Oh the local government is posting minutes albeit still with the nebulous language, still local government people want a pipeline to go through wetlands, now want trails in wetlands and said no to digging rocks. The town sues some people, says yes to some, no to others, takes and or tries to take peoples' property using unconstitutional methods. We were near victims after 9 months late paying taxes. Now puzzled the State is raising property taxes and yet has no input into tax sales. God help us all. We cannot afford this anymore. Looking for the sunshine in the shadows....Music, Art, Beauty of spring slowly emerging. Fresh air, sunshine on my face. Breathe...more later.

Mid April 2014
After tax day, the images in my drawings had chains, hasps, locks, a woman petting a rat in prison. We paid $500. How is it that I have not earned a penny in months and have paid, paid taxes, robbing savings. We are run down from a bastardly winter, finally getting a few doses of life giving sunshine, warmth cannot be far behind...So the problem with taxes is that there is a breaking point with the little people. I hope we are near. Prices in the stores are hurtful to all. Money just not going as far. Beyond that, everything is wonderful in the land of maple sap. We are on the healing side of winter, the air smells better. Finally I got out the record player Fred got me for my birthday. Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Glenn Miller the first to spin...sounds better than the old days...what was it?

Early April 2014

The sun is encouraging me, coaxing me to the window,
higher in the sky and brighter. Watching for the solar flares, a big one was followed by the earthquake in Chile, also a breakthrough in the weather, warming up a little after enduring a downright brutally cold this past winter. It was nice to see the maple trees tapped, the snow melting, the ice going out. The taxes finally done, a bitter tedious pile of papers which seem to have no real relevance. Except write another check.
We are still fighting the pipeline and I can only pay attention certain days of the week. Otherwise I would not be able to survive. Fred got me the Beth Hart/Joe Bonamassa live from Amsterdam which is Incredibly Great! Wow... Also a record player which I will get out of the box. No I am not 18 anymore or I would have done all this already. In my good time. Decided I would listen to my best of Janis Joplin first. Been awhile since I have had a record player...
All for now.

Early March 2014

In spite of my personal inability most days to even get out of the house, the collective voters spoke loudly, clearly, against the proposed Gaz Pipeline. Time is a great moderator. The Gaz people trying to cram the pipeline down people's throats. "Threatening elders, women landowners with using eminent domain". Our elders, having better sense than the selectboard, stuck up for their property rights. We do have those in Monkton, Vermont, USA.
I will post some more links but frankly am fracking weary and ptsd from all the press you have to push to get anyone to notice.
On the home front, burning wood, pellets, furniture is next.
The daylight is welcome when it shows up.
It has been bitter cold. Like the first winter I was here.
Only not as much snow down here in the Champlain valley.
Jupiter was profoundly beautiful one morning at 4:30 when I couldn't sleep. She sparkled. It was 10 below f. and dead calm.
Hope you are having a good March. For us in like a lion. I posted a crappy YT link of I found the lions. Tech is a pain sometimes..will find the one I was looking for....meg

Mid February 2014
Hard to keep up with just living, let alone come up with profound messages all the time. Sometimes, drifting off to sleep, I desperately slap up some random pics or words that drift onto the keyboard. I have to admit I schedule certain posts. It might be equivalent to lip-Syncing, but for me it is a tool. We are fighting the pipeline from Alberta to NY via Vermont and our neighbors' garden. Our tools are words.
Been very cold here and we got a good bit of snow. Hopefully warming a little and sun higher in the sky. Keep warm!

Late January 2014
Been trying to keep up. The temperature keeps going down, stressing us all so by this time of the winter, precious little is left in reserve.
I wrote this once and it got hopelessly bound in blogger limbo, mismatched versions of software, ancient 3 year old computer and possibly it just was not meant to be.
We are overwhelmed at the prices of fuel, food, goods. We know there are plenty of us boomers transiting into mid-late middle ages. Like a renaissance, we must be willing to be the system we think must wrap around us. More on this later.
We are stretched thin, worn down, overloaded. We are weary at the fracking gaz fights. Some positive moves, some steps backwards. Making one thing crytal clear to me. Somebody is getting paid to grease these skids...well i am no columbo, but often the perpetrator is right under your nose.

Mid January 2014

We are in the middle of a January thaw, in the 40's, raining, deceptively imitating a spring thaw. We know we could go straight back down to 20 below again in a heartbeat. That is the North country. Am somewhat relieved to have 2013 behind us, even though there is nothing specific, except that cursed number 13. In my study of the Knights Templar, 13 could be traced back to a date when Knights were eliminated by slaughter. Burning at the stake sounds particularly torturous. Trying to keep up with the so called news and then I read some Aristotle. Some things seem to never change. Saw a photo of a recreated neanderthal man. Ponderous, would be the caption.

The pipeline fight is forging on. Now with Neil Young on the other end up in Alberta...I am reminded every day of the limitations that MS places on my life. Wondering how these fights all seem to mirror one another. Reminded of the

Line of the minuteman, April 19, 1775.

Stand your Ground

Don't fire unless Fired upon

But if they mean to have a War,

Let it begin here.

Captain Parker.


Late December, 2013

Nearing the end of year 2013.

Christmas, or whatever you call the short days...

Is over.

Thankfully the daylight hours gaining again for those of us inhabiting the Northern hemisphere of the planet.

We lost a good friend Lisa, who warmed my heart with her special soul. She adopted a cat from us who is now called Girly Girl. Girly's first name was Whitney. Lisa wanted a kitten. These were our Y 2K Kitten boom litter explosion where we contacted Green Mountain Animal defenders and they helped us trap, neuter and adopt over 20 cats/kittens. I thought for sure Captain would be Lisa's type. He was friendly and jovial. did not work. Captain freaked out and would not go near Lisa. So we settled on sweet little petite Whitney. Lisa adopted her, named her Meredian, and took care of her for many years. (Captain was furious, as it turned out, she was his kitten and I do not think he ever forgave us for giving away his sister). Recently Lisa asked if I could bring her back to our pride. Absolutely, of course. And we met one night and I took Meredian home and named her again, Girly Girl, aka Missy. No longer Whitney, Her Meredian chapter done. She was reborn again. Captain had died not long before this so he just missed her homecoming. I still think he sent for her.

So the day I heard Lisa left the material plane, Girly and I sat together a lot. I was relieved Lisa sent her back to be with us, where she knew the scents, the lay of the land, and us.

Now I am home more, I see the value in having a Girl cat boss me, tell me to get up, feed her, keep up my routine. She even likes to tweet with me. Thanks, Lisa, The best social worker, hippest, nicest, animal lover, sensitive, cool hipster. So cute, sweet, with that dark sense of humor only possible by where you have been. Your fears? I never saw any, we all have them. I hope yours were kept to a minimum. Did I intend to write this update about Lisa? Well, not really. Now that I have, however, it seems appropriate to ask you, wherever you are on the planet or off the planet, to raise a glass for Lisa today. It is the thought that counts, send a message for her to carry on with her extraordinary love light, and tell her Girly & I send our love, meg 12.30.13


Early December 2013

Feeling the cold go through our house some days. Fuel untouchable anymore. Sick about the taxes we shelled out over 6K and the roof leaks, house is old as ever, land lays fallow like my muscles and nerves. I have become a non profit with no 501k. Feel sorry for others worse off than we are.

Fighting the Pipeline, Fracking, MS, Deja Vu.

Our bodies regenerate every 7 years. By my math I am due for a snakeskin shedding...soon to turn 56. Some numbers surprise you when you break them down. My inactivity stimulates my thoughts. How nerve damage, even in that quieter RRMS, causes a scenario where you must think harder, to get around the scarred places, to circumvent the damaged battlegrounds of my immune system against my own neuro system. Calling it...around the mulberry bush...that fairy tale about girls in prison...weird really...this is the way we wash our hair, wash our hair...My odd imagination imagining girls in jail, being smacked around, brain injured, now compliant, spirits broken...this is the way we wash the floors...

So I was making a connection with the fairy tale, another silly way to address a serious injustice. I love fairy tales. Working on a drawing of this one. meg 12.6.13

Archives...still relevant as long as we fight the pipeline extension into Addison I compressed them into a file called monkton chronicle archives

The Band - Twilight from you tube

Thinking about this song again

Hard not to

A nice version from yt

Had aspirations to put up something original of mine...
Sleeping in

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bob Dylan - Thunder On The Mountain

Thanks to Bob Dylan's channel, great music available
as well as images.....
subscribe today...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Gregg Allman, Dave Matthews and Warren Haynes - Melissa (Farm Aid, Septe...


one  more for friday....sweet melissa...

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Mary Had A Little Lamb

Heard Kenny Wayne Shepherd et al for the first time on radio
Immediately another to add to my new favorites.
As in Double Trouble, Chris Layton on drums,
flashing me back to times like this YT video....and one of my favorite SRV tunes.
Continuing Friday Nacht Musik...

closest image I have close at hand of a sheep...meg

Stone Kings - Reset (Music Video)

Friday Night Musik

So these guys followed me on twitter,

I want to be friendly...cannot follow back
am at my #twitlimit ...cannot follow more than 2000 twits
So forget that I cannot follow...
Focus on the musik.

Great video and music from this band.
and follow...if you can.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blogging forward, guest post...An Unwelcome Visitor: An Unwelcome Visitor: Chapter.18'I have been a...

From Dr. Martin Lawrence
An Unwelcome Visitor: An Unwelcome Visitor: Chapter.18 'I have been a...: An Unwelcome Visitor: Chapter.18 'I have been a bit tired this week, well knackered really, have I been too busy at work, don&#...

Started following Dr. Martin on Twitter...Great book...he is farther along than Chapter 18
But I had started this post back in May...too tired to do much else today. meg 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Open letter #fracking

thx melanie, for suggesting is put these words on paper...meg

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Mary E. Gerdt, RN. I have been a nurse for 34 years, working in hospitals, home care, insurance and State Government. I am a resident of Monkton Vermont where I live on My husband’s fourth generation homestead. We work hard, living is hard in the hinterlands. It is a stunningly beautiful, idyllic Camelot kind of place. The residents are weathered, hard working people. It is harder to make a living all the time. The truth is, it never was easy.
We draw our water from a shared aquifer. We pay over $6,000 a year in property taxes. I have recently become disabled and have watched my savings dissolve pending social security. Our living here is unsustainable, in a home we inherited.
This background is important because I share a neighborhood with the victims of the Proposed Pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Ticonderoga, NY via my neighbor’s garden in Monkton, Vermont.
My neighbors are a lot like me. Some elderly, some disabled, all challenged by rising prices, taxes, fixed incomes, employment challenges.
Even though a person may own a piece of property, their ability to protect that property diminishes with age, infirmity, and level of tolerance for adversity.
As a nurse, who has worked extensively in long term care, I am appalled at the tepid response to the underhanded practices by Vermont Gaz and or their land agents towards elders, disabled and frankly all landowning US citizens.
I had asked several people to call Adult protective services, the CVAA, anyone. ? The state’s attorney? Legal aid?

For the first time in my career I am unable to pick up the phone and advocate. I am having my own health issues which have taken over my life.

This letter is what I can do, a letter to explain that what the Canadian owned Vermont Gaz is doing to vulnerable people must stop.
The bullying of vulnerable or ANY people must stop.
The threat of land takings must stop.

Whoever decided the route for this proposed pipeline through private property needs to step up and explain. It appears a lot of vulnerable people are at risk. Was there consideration of that fact?

Who is looking out for the vulnerable?


Mary E. Gerdt RN, retired

Music link for Tuesday


Monday, June 23, 2014

#Fracking updates

notes: 2 days after summer solstice when we had to start a fire, still have fleece on,
realizing all the battles that wear us down.
So as I table posts from the listserv on stopping the gaz pipeline through the heart of Vermont by Canadians who are some blessed people. Our town has been suing townspeople...can't do this, can't do that.
While the select men invited this monopolistic gaz....


 Summer finally here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Les Paul - Sleepwalk

Searching for Cafe Society
                              Cafe Societe,

Finding another headliner for the club...

another favorite singer I never heard before today,
 Lalah Hathaway.

Then this beauty by Les Paul appeared to me.
His love of the music is needing to be shared.

Les & Lalah this Friday in the north country.
70 f.,  breezy, sunny.

Lalah Hathaway - Forever For Always For Love (Live @ New Morning, Paris)...

Friday Nacht
Link to Lalah Hathaway et al in Paris....

Gaz Updates #fracking

Natural Gas     correction: unnatural #fracking Gaz updates...

full of gaz emails again, links, humans desparate to control the frackers that threaten our planet. the last straw was the so called free press which put in a fluffy infomercial "editorial" by the president of vermont gaz, rarely mentioned: it is a  subsidiary of Gaz metro, a canadian power conglomerate. there is an unproven theory they are still sore at vermont for vt presing the contract back in the 1988 ice storm. i can see the secret board meeting...when they found out vt was suing them! them: we will get back at them some day...well that is the only way for me to explain how canadians bought all our power and now want to cram a gaz pipeline through my neighbor's garden and under Lake Champlain. (and though popular w/some & unpopular w/some, our nuke plant was shut down taking jobs, raising rates.)

Will just dump all this out, read if you must.Be aware.
This is all about scattering people likea flock of birds.
Try to stay focused...meg

First a little background..

Found this on the digger, when they dug it up, it got set aside for 4 years.
good time to review:

A link to the Free press editorial/article veiled as a feel good about don gilbert

Thanks to Chris Bray for this counterpoint...
Yes we have constitutional rights!

Everybody should put this on their ballot...

(thx sister nancy for that link)

article from the digger starting at my comment...
Weird boldness, arrogance.
say no.

The governor cautions against doing what is happening that he facilitated
or did he?
"his" PSB certainly is hot for the pipeline...hey...this was a new england conference...the canadians want to run the pipeline through my neighbor's garden in rural Monkton, Vermont to got to the paper mill in New York, under Lake Champlain. Maybe they should have invited Andrew Cuomo as well....meg

Regarding taking swamps...
starts at my comment reply...

Last one for now....

Lalah Hathaway sings "A Song For You"

Friday Nacht Musik
A Perfect performance by Ms. Lalah Hathaway...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

For Friends

For Friends

Who I used to work with

They are the greatest people
I have ever worked with
They gave me Orchids, Memories, lunch, friendship, gifts, encouragement

My neighbor when I was growing up
Taught me about elderly

The nurses I worked with taught me too.
Traveling the roads of Vermont.

The MonSter started biting me harder,
I had to stop working
I hope to slay the  MonSter.

And a little humor

For Celine...<3 p="">

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Band - Twilight (song sketch)

Sorry, Been mis-spelling Richard Manuel's name...all this time...
If my labels are not quite perfect, well, none of us are.
We miss Richard so much and more so when experienced through the love in Levon's eyes and writings.

Buy or borrow and read This Wheel's on Fire by Levon Helm
or go to his website
and check out the real stories.

We have been looking for this version. Richard's simple voice and his powerful delicate piano style...
link on YT.

A beautiful version and sentiment....

"Don't leave me alone at the twilight, for twilight is the loneliest time of day."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Psalm for #Fracking fighters

Sing me a song,
Of a Pipeline gone wrong,
and I'll tell you it's 
all about Gaz.

Pipefitters on Meth,
Drawing their last breath,
Welding their pipes,
A faint smell of Death.

Journalists Swoon,
Singing the Gaz Tune,
Keeping their Advertising,
Their Position Uncomprimising.

Politicians are told,
PSB knows the score,
3 feet underground?
Yes, said the....PSB.
no, this doesn't rhyme at all w/ me either...

Fracking voted down,
In each Hamlet & Town,
Gaz, he don't care,
He wants to be Everywhere.
(or is gaz a she, or an it...)

A 16 year old could see,
The Folly, 
like you & Me,
of a pipeline of Hell,
Rome Fell,
He saw the Future like We,
#fracking fighters
We Be.

notes meg:
We love the Earth,
Our back yard,
our water,
our soil.
We love the Lake,
it gives us
Beauty, environment, fish, recreation.
We watch as the dinosaur bone wars continue.
Battles over fossil fuels-limited, finite, toxic.
Fuel prices going up again. Wars...
Is this to prop up the (un) natural gaz market?
Cram all these pipelines....through our rural neighborhood.
Not through the beautiful peoples' backyards,
they already winked and nodded and signed off in invisible ink. Oh yes, and New York State successfully averted a pipeline from Canada to International paper which sits on Lake Champlain across from Shoreham, Vermont. So why is NY silent about their "half" of the Lake Champlain which is earmarked for a high pressure gaz pipeline originating in Alberta, Canada? Maybe because their half of that part of the lake is a toxic sludge pile from vintage paper making. If I crossed all this out, it is because no one dares predict the combination of fermented chemicals and a burst pipeline...come will happen. Freeze,-thaw,-pipefitters on meth, in a hurry, defective products, wear and tear. The fricking lake freezes over with Feet of ice. God help us all.meg



Poet, Poet,

Why don't you Rhyme?
You wanted to be


That's OK, Poet.
You wanted to be


Oh, Poet,
You wanted so much.

Poet, Poet,

You wanted to make a statement,
be bold,
make a difference in the minds of mortals

Is that so Bad, after all?

Poet, Poet,

What makes you so sad?
What makes your heart ache?
Why do you, who do you, when do you love?

Poet, oh Poet,

They don't care, 
and don't you know it,
You tried there in your words
in a poem, to show it,
They said, you cannot be,
A Poet, don't you see?


Poet, Oh Poet,
You said, No.

And the Poetry police said,
It doesn't Rhyme,
Make sense,
No Rhythm,
No theme,
Structure is nonexistent.

Poet, Oh Poet, walk away.
You are a poet.
In your own way.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Moonalice (2009)

friday nacht musik

part 2

a very special friday the 13th...full moon...
make a wish

from Maia's Into the moonlight

moonrise, monkton,  vermont

Beth Hart Forever Young

I know, I know,
I said Moonalice all week.
Then I saw this video of Beth Hart...
Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

#fracking Videos for the Curious

Something in Moonalice's music was pulling out other posts...
videos I could never embed before,
an urgency felt as the ground was already shivering,
the day of the pipeline, was it coming?
Could you light a candle that the Corps of Engineers recognize the stupidity in running high pressure transmission gaz lines from Alberta, CA to Ticonderoga, NY via my neighbors' garden...
it just doesn't make sense...

In case You wonder who lives behind the sign...

Moonalice "Mr Spaceman" 2013-09-28 Woodstock, NY

Having to continue to push on, into the music....
Love, Love, Moonalice and this tune, at Levon's barn,
just another beautiful night.

Thinking of all the poor people stuck in NYC traffic.

Hey, Mr. Spaceman,
Won't you please take me along, for the ride?

Keeping up with misinformation...#MultipleSclerosis and Nutrition

Struggling to keep up with misinformation,
realizing that is part of the communications problems in the world.
Been hyper focusing on fracking,
I see the doublespeak, lawyer shenaniganzas, public officials opening some doors, closing others,
biased editors accepting ad money, shills for Canadian land robbers, the Lake-6th Great lake gets no voice. A sick movie, futility of the Good Fight.
A lot like MS, Multiple Sclerosis.
And no matter the outcome,
Fight we Must!

So I listen to the radio, and over and over the nutritional supplements are pushed.
Forget the pipeline a minute.
Back to the home battle front.
I couldn't stand the ads....over and over...I got furious but I am supposed to keep calm and not get stressed out.
I wrote the Loser nutrition supplement company balance of nature
No response
 (suspiciously similar to the un-natural gaz)

*****my notes in italics...
They aired claims by Lauren...who sounds a little demented
she said she took nutritional supplements for ms and became
meg: I have never been called stable or unstable...I have RRMS and take immunomodulation drugs-shots, not vitamins. This is according to present standards of neurological clinical practice.

She mentions
growing spots or did she say

meg: Spots do not necessarily correlate to clinical presentation or disease progression. Glowing spots with Gad dye show a breach in the blood-brain barrier. Current treatment would suggest pulse high dose steroids, for an exacerbation not vitamin pills. Exacerbations are assessed using comprehensive neuro exam, testing, evaluation of medications. Never been asked if I am taking my vitamins. 

meeting the doctor a year later, Lauren read the mri
meg: Reading the Mri is something I leave for my neurologist
I have so many spots and have to ignore them. Your brain has at least 90% more capacity than you use. Lauren is not helping anyone with her 10%.

mri nothing growing dark spots shrinking healing in remission my reality

meg: Lauren, I feel sorry for you. If you see this, ditch the vegetable pills, the snake oil, the crystals.
Go to a board certified MS specialist.

My Article about treatments for MS....Wheelchair Repellant. I don't take vitamins

When I did a search for Clinical trials for "balance of nature" claims that dietary supplements help ms....I found this article...meg
Autoimmune Diseases
Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 249842, 12 pages
Review Article

May Diet and Dietary Supplements Improve the Wellness of Multiple Sclerosis Patients? A Molecular Approach

1Dipartimento di Biologia D.B.A.F., Universitร  degli Studi della Basilicata, 85100 Potenza, Italy
2Istituto Nazionale di Biostrutture e Biosistemi (INBB), 00100 Roma, Italy
3Dipartimento di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare “Ernesto Quagliariello”, 70126, Bari, Italy
Received 4 November 2010; Accepted 27 December 2010
Academic Editor: Corrado Betterle
Copyright © 2010 Paolo Riccio et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

How to Cite this Article

Paolo Riccio, Rocco Rossano, and Grazia Maria Liuzzi, “May Diet and Dietary Supplements Improve the Wellness of Multiple Sclerosis Patients? A Molecular Approach,” Autoimmune Diseases, vol. 2010, Article ID 249842, 12 pages, 2010. doi:10.4061/2010/249842

Pete Sears & Moonalice "Summer Rain" 2013-09-28 Woodstock, NY

We saw Moonalice do this one at the barn...quite special...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We are at a Crossroad...Not just about #fracking Links

Interrupting Moonalice week to bring you breaking news...
some, like the rubber stamp approval by psb or whoever
Some news break our hearts,
Some encourage us to go on,

Was nice to read the voice of reason...

Great article about the history of local hero fighting pipeline battles of long ago.

info about upcoming event:
if you are interested google it...

TUESDAY, JUNE 24th: 6-8 pm
Helen Slottje of the Community Environmental Defense Council in Ithaca, NY discovered a way for local municipalities to prohibit fracking through zoning. She and her husband David have worked pro bono with more than 200 towns and villages across New York to protect themselves from industrial invasion.
Helen was awarded the Goldman Prize which is often referred to as the Nobel Prize for environmental work.

Joanne and Deborah Cipolla-Dennis are founding members of the Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition:
a grassroots group focused on protecting the rural community character of the Town of Dryden.

They are also working on a variety of local and national issues including climate justice and human rights.
Coming in July: Steve Kretzmann from Oil Change International


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Support the #Fracking fighters...the #pipeline fighters...calling all property rights/soil quality/environmentally conscious

Hot off the Press....

Not surprised, really,
Permit for phase 1 of pipeline "approved" whatever that means.
Environmental, land right of ways be d*mned, I suppose.

One more Last chance to speak out if you are in Middlebury, Vermont,

Please come to a crucial public hearing on Phase 2 of the Vermont Fracked Gas Pipeline at Middlebury Union High School this Thursday, June 12 (73 Charles Avenue.) Starts at 7, arrive early to get a seat, and even earlier to sign up to deliver a two minute commentary to the Public Service Board. This video looks at one couple's experience of Vermont Gas' plans to run the pipeline through the center of their farm. 

Pete Sears & Moonalice "That's Alright Mama" 2013-09-28 Woodstock, NY

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gaz Update...Down to the Wire...#fracking

Down to the wire...

"all the world is a stage." wm shakespeare

Want to share this info/ link: We are down to the wire:
Hi friend,
Vermont Gas Systems wants to lay more than 80 miles of fracked gas pipeline through our state's most beautiful and productive agricultural land. They also want you to think that their pipeline is a done deal, but this couldn't be further from the truth: the project is tied up in permitting, resistance is increasing, and landowners all along the proposed route are standing up to challenge eminent domain threats.
We can still stop this thing, but only if we push hard. Will you attend the next and final hearing on Phase 2 of the Vermont Gas pipeline?
WHAT: Public Service Board Hearing on the Vermont Gas Pipeline
WHEN: Thursday, June 12th, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Middlebury Union High School, 73 Charles Ave, Middlebury, VT
Click here to let us know you'll be there.
If we can stop Phase 2 -- the section of pipe that would go under Lake Champlain to New York, for the sole benefit of the multi-billion-dollar company International Paper -- then Phase 1 of the project will lose a significant portion of its funding, and the whole project could get derailed. We can do it, but only if the Public Service Board hears us loud and clear.
With the climate crisis deepening and the evidence against fracked natural gas mounting by the day, this pipeline makes no sense for Vermont. We need to make sure the Public Service Board knows that Vermonters don't want this thing built, and to do that we need to pack this hearing with pipeline opposition.
Will you join us next Thursday?
Our state outlawed fracking for good reason. It's time to stop investing in dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure, and this pipeline is a great place to start.
I hope to see you in Middlebury on the 12th!
Maeve & the 350VT team
P.S. 350 Vermont stands in solidarity with Rising Tide Vermont, which organized a non-violent civil disobedience action at Vermont Gas on Tuesday. The action was part of an important campaign to show Vermonters’ support for action on climate change and opposition to fracking. Click here to read more. (Did you know that “Vermont Gas” is actually a Canadian company whose corporate parent is Enbridge?)


my two cents: 

Vermonters face a critical juncture.

Players and suggested casting...

Canadian owned Vermont Gaz (they know where they are, they are spending a small fortune in ads. Supporting players: lawyers, land agents. Leslie Nielsen

People who run the town, people who do not care about the citizens in the path of destruction...the proposed path decided on by Corporate Canadians, International Paper, Middlebury college and a few selectman who ensured their friends access, others immunity from the path of destruction, passive pretend lawyering using taxpayer dollars, ignoring voted mandates like in Monkton, fracking pipeline vote. Play themselves. No one else should want to be them.

Lawyers...with business down, real estate stagnant, too many lawyers, what could be finer than incremental battles...each town, each landowner fighting Goliath Gaz. Roddy McDowell

Politicians & Familiar Pundits...Global warming, fossil fuel, carbon taxes, subsidies, handshakes, winks, nods, mergers. Promises, Promises. Robots

Taxpaying landowners like me, member of a town, user of groundwater, likes: sunrise over mountains majestic, Clean air, no sirens, sounds of morning birds, affordable taxes (ouch!) Turn-offs- Bullies, people who want my stuff or are mean to people who cannot defend self, people who put me down, actually, most people except my family, friends. No vision here.

Did I say Media Shills yet? Like Watergate, only boldly out in the open. newspapers eat the advertising revenue from Canadian owned Vermont Gaz like skittles. Then they post pro pipeline "editorials" while the words "Vermont Gaz-Reduce Carbon...." flash in the margin....(a clockwork orange?) One reporter denied he knew the ad was on their website...oh really? Hal Holbrook

Corporate Power Dudes...International Paper (the icky smell hard to capture on film....the curling nostrils will be casting necessity.) Cabot (no longer Vermont owned), Middlebury College-who refused to divest and hired Bill McKibben to keep him quiet.


Eligible Non Voters...Why?

Landowners on the path of destruction: Now you are getting somewhere...My neighbors, young and old, taxed mercilessly, surviving barely.
Sweet country people really, but don't rattle the cage. Yankees.
Like a scene from a John Wayne movie, those who have been BULLIED by Land agents. 

Stage is set,
all for now...

Summer Begins

Locust trees blossoming

Photos from archives

Summer Begins
Even though we burned a Fire yesterday...meg

Friday, June 6, 2014

Visualizing...Friday Nacht Musik

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Fridays are for musik, of my favorite ASL music interpreters....

Monday, June 2, 2014

Gaz Debate heating up...Can't wait until next round up #fracking

Feeling an urgency to post certain pieces about the proposed pipeline. As the news stacks up about how fracking is just no good, un-natural gaz is not infallible when running long pipelines over hill and under lake.

feeling exceptionally proud to be part of the anti fracking movement,
the fellow fracking fighters really resonate w/me. meg

These are from our group...
This is all coming to a critical juncture.
Wish our neighbors well and look to this as a template for what you might face.

Article published May 30, 2014 (RH)
Bullying mars pipeline debate

Vermont prides itself on polite discourse, and, generally, we have great respect for each other and the processes we use to resolve difficult issues such as utility projects. We recognize that there has to be an objective way to determine what efforts are in the best economic and environmental interest of our state — a way to separate the central facts from the passion of the extremes.

Unfortunately, with most projects there is a group of very vocal opponents, who are inflexible, even fanatical, in their views and for whom no amount of fairness or fact will be persuasive.

For this vocal minority — and they are a tiny fraction of the general population — if you don’t share their extreme views you are no longer a neighbor with a different opinion, you are the enemy. That’s not just unfortunate, it’s also uncivil and inconsistent with their ultimate objectives.

As the discussion of delivering natural gas service to Rutland County moves forward — a more affordable and cleaner option that has existed in Chittenden County for nearly 50 years — we’ve seen this behavior repeat itself. Most recently, we’ve seen angry and disrespectful opponents — mostly from VPIRG and Rising Tide — scold supporters as well as the neutral Public Service Board that regulates utilities and weighs the facts. They are also following through on threatened “uncivil” disobedience by trespassing and defacing private property at a Vermont Gas property in South Burlington. Vermonters deserve rigorous debate without the vandalism and threat of violence.

The behavior of opponents is unfortunate and inconsistent with the value Vermonters place on civil and respectful dialogue. If Vermonters want to learn more about the proposal to expand natural gas service in Addison and Rutland counties — or if they want to express their support for that project — they shouldn’t be bullied, intimidated or threatened by opponents. That’s not the Vermont way.


Here’s a reply to the Broyles letter in this morning’s RH.
Article published Jun 2, 2014 ( RH)
Majority opposes Vt. Gas pipeline

Vermont Gas has many people in this state brainwashed into believing their exaggerations and out and out lies. The “bullying” Mr. Broyles refers to and his claim that the people who rallied at Vermont Gas on Tuesday were “a tiny fraction of the general population,” and that there was vandalism and violence, are some of the “mis-truths” Vermont Gas has been spreading.

The people who convened on Vermont Gas headquarters were representative of a large, diverse and peaceful group of people who have been fighting and following the pipeline project for more than a year.

Mr. Broyles describes the protesters as “a group of very vocal opponents, who are inflexible, even fanatical, in their views” despite the fact the majority of speakers at the last three public hearings on the pipeline were against the pipeline. At a public informational meeting in Middlebury in April 2013, the vast majority of attendees opposed the pipeline. Over 2,000 messages pertaining to the pipeline were sent to the PSB on Phase 1 — 96 percent of them were against it. Monkton, Cornwall and Shoreham all voted against the pipeline at town meeting.

Mr. Broyles says those who oppose this pipeline are bullying, intimidating and threatening in order to get their way and “That’s not the Vermont way.” Well, I would like to point out that if Vermonters behaved the way Mr. Broyles says we should, Ethan Allen would not be a hero and Vermont would still be a part of New York!

Nathan B. Palmer