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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gaz Update...Down to the Wire...#fracking

Down to the wire...

"all the world is a stage." wm shakespeare

Want to share this info/ link: We are down to the wire:
Hi friend,
Vermont Gas Systems wants to lay more than 80 miles of fracked gas pipeline through our state's most beautiful and productive agricultural land. They also want you to think that their pipeline is a done deal, but this couldn't be further from the truth: the project is tied up in permitting, resistance is increasing, and landowners all along the proposed route are standing up to challenge eminent domain threats.
We can still stop this thing, but only if we push hard. Will you attend the next and final hearing on Phase 2 of the Vermont Gas pipeline?
WHAT: Public Service Board Hearing on the Vermont Gas Pipeline
WHEN: Thursday, June 12th, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Middlebury Union High School, 73 Charles Ave, Middlebury, VT
Click here to let us know you'll be there.
If we can stop Phase 2 -- the section of pipe that would go under Lake Champlain to New York, for the sole benefit of the multi-billion-dollar company International Paper -- then Phase 1 of the project will lose a significant portion of its funding, and the whole project could get derailed. We can do it, but only if the Public Service Board hears us loud and clear.
With the climate crisis deepening and the evidence against fracked natural gas mounting by the day, this pipeline makes no sense for Vermont. We need to make sure the Public Service Board knows that Vermonters don't want this thing built, and to do that we need to pack this hearing with pipeline opposition.
Will you join us next Thursday?
Our state outlawed fracking for good reason. It's time to stop investing in dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure, and this pipeline is a great place to start.
I hope to see you in Middlebury on the 12th!
Maeve & the 350VT team
P.S. 350 Vermont stands in solidarity with Rising Tide Vermont, which organized a non-violent civil disobedience action at Vermont Gas on Tuesday. The action was part of an important campaign to show Vermonters’ support for action on climate change and opposition to fracking. Click here to read more. (Did you know that “Vermont Gas” is actually a Canadian company whose corporate parent is Enbridge?)


my two cents: 

Vermonters face a critical juncture.

Players and suggested casting...

Canadian owned Vermont Gaz (they know where they are, they are spending a small fortune in ads. Supporting players: lawyers, land agents. Leslie Nielsen

People who run the town, people who do not care about the citizens in the path of destruction...the proposed path decided on by Corporate Canadians, International Paper, Middlebury college and a few selectman who ensured their friends access, others immunity from the path of destruction, passive pretend lawyering using taxpayer dollars, ignoring voted mandates like in Monkton, fracking pipeline vote. Play themselves. No one else should want to be them.

Lawyers...with business down, real estate stagnant, too many lawyers, what could be finer than incremental battles...each town, each landowner fighting Goliath Gaz. Roddy McDowell

Politicians & Familiar Pundits...Global warming, fossil fuel, carbon taxes, subsidies, handshakes, winks, nods, mergers. Promises, Promises. Robots

Taxpaying landowners like me, member of a town, user of groundwater, likes: sunrise over mountains majestic, Clean air, no sirens, sounds of morning birds, affordable taxes (ouch!) Turn-offs- Bullies, people who want my stuff or are mean to people who cannot defend self, people who put me down, actually, most people except my family, friends. No vision here.

Did I say Media Shills yet? Like Watergate, only boldly out in the open. newspapers eat the advertising revenue from Canadian owned Vermont Gaz like skittles. Then they post pro pipeline "editorials" while the words "Vermont Gaz-Reduce Carbon...." flash in the margin....(a clockwork orange?) One reporter denied he knew the ad was on their website...oh really? Hal Holbrook

Corporate Power Dudes...International Paper (the icky smell hard to capture on film....the curling nostrils will be casting necessity.) Cabot (no longer Vermont owned), Middlebury College-who refused to divest and hired Bill McKibben to keep him quiet.


Eligible Non Voters...Why?

Landowners on the path of destruction: Now you are getting somewhere...My neighbors, young and old, taxed mercilessly, surviving barely.
Sweet country people really, but don't rattle the cage. Yankees.
Like a scene from a John Wayne movie, those who have been BULLIED by Land agents. 

Stage is set,
all for now...

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