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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gaz Updates...Fracking is not what it's cracked up to be...

Some updates from the fracking info neighborhood...

You know, just because you cannot see underground, does not mean fracking does no underground damage. Come on, it is common sense, you blow toxic crap into the Earth's heart and something else crumbles and roars. How about backing away from this insane fracking and here are some affirmations which I am personally grateful for.

nice job, Kiara...

Editorial from my co fracking fighter...

Last night, Steve Wark told the Salisbury Select board about their plans for Phase 3.
When he was questioned by a reporter for the local paper, he dismissively said “Oh, you have been listening to the demagogues.”
Was he implying that the reporter had been listening to Shumlin?
noun \หˆde-mษ™-หŒgรคg\
: a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason
Or was he referring to the Vermonters who see through those false claims and promises?
: a leader championing the cause of the common people.
One thing we do know is that name calling has no place in civil discourse. If you are attempting to steal someone’s land, you might try a different approach.

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an article...keep it on the other side the lake, dude!



more from NY state...
This one is from Essex County, NY

Monday, March 11, 2013

Deb Malaney, Chairperson
Sue Montgomery-Corey, Vice-Chairperson

SCOZZAFAVA: Jody I just saw I think in yesterday’s Press Republican or it might have been the Post Star I can’t remember, but the IP the nature gas line, can you; what would the IDA’s role be in that? Issue some of the bonds or how’s that?
(IDA seems to be Industrial Development Association, as best as I can tell.)

OLCOTT: We what can I say in public?

SCOZZAFAVA: I think there were some comments there from your Chair, I believe.

OLCOTT: We are involved, the IDA cannot, I will say this and this is legal, the IDA cannot issue tax exempt bonds for the transition line itself. The IDA could, hypothetically come into the program to issue bonds for the conversion of their equipment from oil to gas.

SCOZZAFAVA: Well I just; I mean I read the article and then I saw some of the blogs that, you know it’s hard to believe that people don’t realize; some people I think the majority of the people do, the importance of International Paper Company to this County and especially Southern Essex County, because just want they pay in property tax would; if they were to pull out of here it would be devastating the number of jobs, the people that they employ, many of them from my community. Yeah Southern Essex County, you know you would have to move if they moved because they are just critical to the future of this County and to Ticonderoga and Moriah and Crown Point and every town that surrounds it. So, anything that we can do to help make this possible I was glad to see the IDA is involved and anything that this Board can do or any of us can do we should be doing it.

OLCOTT: I agree, I would say that the negativity that we have seen and you guys have probably seen is more that it’s a dedicated line to International Paper and people, the residents are more upset that they may not have access to natural gas in the future. Which is still negotiable.

SCOZZAFAVA: The State of Vermont, New York State, Essex County, Warren County, I mean the impact, the spinoff from that mill being located there. Even into Vermont, the spinoff; I guess about 20% of their raw lumber comes out of Vermont. I mean we need to all get on board with this and do anything and everything that we can to see that it happens. That’s my own feeling, not to mention that my wife worked there for 33 years, which is a good thing. They never would hire me, I don’t know why.

  1. Are you kidding? It's not reliable?

From Vermont Law School...


From NY state on economics of gaz...



The predictions of free flowing gaz like a fountain of plenty are wrong...

All for indebted to our stop gaz group for being vigilant seekers of the truth.

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