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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool & March update

April Fool's Day

Is it worldwide?
Where a joke is played,
Sometimes not so funny.
Certainly it is not funny being the Fool.

Somehow we stumble through
the laugh,
or joke,
or evil deed,
however it falls on the spectrum of trickery
depending on the Trickster.

I always secretly hope no one does it,
and then, humanlike,
secretly hoping someone does,
that action makes a chain reaction
Come on, it's just one day...

March Update...

Out like a Lamb...????
A cold southern wind
40 ish °f.
Cold but warming

friends would attest to the fact that
lambing is no easy feat...
The terminology...refers more to the personality of the lamb,
gentle, quiet...

Well, it is finally a tiny bit
Warmer... certainly the warmest we have seen in awhile...

The ice went out on Lewis Creek 
once already this winter.
 Rain, Rain, go away, 
You just make ice jams,
Let the ice melt slow today..........

January 2014 Lewis Creek, Charlotte, VT

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