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Saturday, July 30, 2011



Comes so gradually,
takes so long to get here,
then flies away
before you know it.

Here we are at the end of July,
Feeling the early effects of autumn,
so subtle you may not
or may not want to see,
winter is coming.

Foggy morning,
Will see more of that,
as the sun's rays change,
the angle changing,
creating climate change
that is nothing new to us.

Bright hot July sun
Burning our skin
is there no other way to harness
that power?

July heat,
showing me I have limits.
Never wanted to have limits set,
Feel I am not

July dreams,
so possible,
July compromise,
by competing interests,
knowing our lazy minds are

July has a feeling
like it could go on forever,
sometimes you want it to,
just let it end.

July memories,
always warm,
blistering at times,
Some days I do not even remember,
 those lazy crazy dog days

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Channel is on the air

My "TV" Channel, marygerdt on Youtube is on.
Well I guess it has been on but I never thought of it as a channel before.
I put a gadget in my right margin next to the Levon channel.
Custom cable TV.
I mean if you like that sort of viewing.
Now it is not a very dynamic or high budget channel,
but it is mine and it is on the air.

don't sit too close to the TV or you'll need glasses...
was that true?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July ER Blues

July ER Blues

Went to the ER,
Needed a place to go,
Where the man can fix you,
You know how it goes:

Empty when you get there
Then it fills right up
Man says he's a Doctor,
But he's just a pup.

Girl says I am so sorry
and says What did you do
I said I done hurt myself
I got those ER Blues,

you know,
It's the worst time of the year.
To be hitting the old ER,
Cause it's full to here.

First one says It ain't too bad
next one isn't sure
Third one has to call someone
How can we all endure....

Those Blues,
Those July ER Blues,
I am crazy, hurting and cranky,
Got them old July
ER Blues......

The doctor says it won't be long
Before you are out of here,
The man in the next bed cries
The baby cries so near,
The yelling in the hallway starts,
You want to walk right out,
But something's busted good you know
or you never would have come out
to that old
Where you trained yourself.
And it doesn't help to know more,
You wished you knew a little less,

You got them,
You got them old

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lake Champlain Bridge Update 7.23.11

maybe it went to my head, getting a "personal" video message from Ron Howard for submitting photos for his imagin8tion project. Here is my latest movie of the bridge going up. Notice where the high water line is on the wooden dock posts. Also the arch of the bridge way off in the bay. enjoy! mary

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a long strange spring this has been, and....

Spring just lingered forever,
which we should be grateful
that it has not been blistering hot until recently.

The broccoli and Brussels sprouts we planted late
went out in the garden,
sink or swim, I bid them luck.

Today, sweat pouring off my forehead until I stop and cool off,
with zero cal lemonade, chocolate and then cold water,
then by running cool water over my wrists and inner elbows.

I am organizing photos for the next Lake Champlain Bridge update.
It was a beautiful day today
and the ferry hustled,
a few more people on board,
concrete trucks,
this ferry will cease soon.

will plant seeds tomorrow-last planting of the year.

Difficult long spring.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Music

It was a strange string of moments that pulled me to check Levon's schedule in my margin.
First, I checked feedjit, my analyst for who is reading what and how they got here.
My form of QA, my feedback loop to see if what I write has any merit, is it even relevant,
is it something others scoff, laugh at, or enjoy, or both.
Some days I do not care what other people think (smart)
and other days, I just cannot keep my mind off that subject.
So anyway, I saw someone searched for Levon's summer jazz festival concert in Burlington.
What a great one that was.
So I re-read the post, reminiscing, and re read the message I gave last year.
Look in my margin for Levon's schedule.
Then I did.
There was a new dot, in Vermont, right there.
I clicked and found our Levon is coming to Woodstock, Vermont in August.
Then we went to and clicked us out a couple tickets.
We are in for some fine summer music,
I began to wonder at the strange set of circumstances
that led me to find these tickets.
Thanks to the universe,
Where we sometimes experience tragedy
and magic,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


was the post I kept thinking about.
The Utopian paradise,
A Theme Park for adults,
Everything for you,

Then I read Meredith's post about a judge ruling from the heart so to speak.
Sure to get him invites to great champagne parties,
his grandchildren will write of his epic decision.

in Vermont,
in the Jungle,
plant employees are preparing to be laid off,
find new places to live,
stores that sell them things are making new plans,
the school wondering how to pay their bills when all the taxpayers move out,
leaving a ghost town.

Unsuspecting rate payers,
by candle power,
will peruse their bill and accuse each other
of leaving something running,
when actually it was just the more expensive power.

The legal field should be stunned,
legislating from the bench makes all lawyers squirm,
a thrill and concern
someday it may go against them.

Read Meredith's article and if you get all happy about shutting down a nuke,
there is more to the story,
and Meredith knows it.

Thank you Meredith,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive

This is an old puzzle of some imaginary place.
I put it together a couple years ago
and documented how many pieces missing,
photographed and back in the box.
Only now we keep the pieces in a plastic bag so
little pieces don't go slipping away.

The Sunday Drive, is it becoming a thing of the past?
We just had a pleasant ride
through Nelson County, VA
in a fuel efficient diesel
with conversation, great views,
music and memories.
My camera sat idle save for a flour mill,
that pic will be in my upcoming mini movie
once I get all the photos edited.
The mountain shots I missed,
so enjoy this puzzle
and stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



I can still see my mother's eyes light up at the word,


A mythical place,
a mysterious story,
a continent,
was it more advanced than ours?

A place where peace
(was it peaceful?)
was established by sensible
(were they?)

A place where utopia was found,
did it teeter on the edge?
Was it doomed for failure
or was it just
that cataclysm that sunk the
perfect civilization?

When we look for
Do we really want to finally find it?
Was it meant to always be a myth we tell ourselves?
That peaceful utopias
can never be truly found?

When we name a ship
did we ever think that it would be a mothballed exhibit
at the space museum
that costs 15 bucks and parking to show your kid
what a special thing this was?

When the future travelers of the universe
the ship
and scrape away the dirt
covering the words,
Will they wonder
What these Humanoids thought when they named
a ship for a lost continent?

Or will they merely ho hum at the early human space travel
keeping within the gravitational pull of the Earth,
still barely scratching the space exploration,
doing more to explore
with our unmanned crafts
and the Hubble camera.

Atlantis, where are you?
My Mother was there once,
in another time and place,
I saw it in her eyes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Previews of Virginia Photos

I will work on a slide show for those who want to see
the animal parade we got to see for the week of the Fourth.
Here is a preview of a few I got to edit

I do not remember their names,
But I remember how they looked up with a curiosity,
or am I reading something into this?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Travelogue for the Weary

Travelogue for the Weary,
My posts spotty this week
on the road of relaxation
and with all the special
computer stuff,
we still did not know our plane had mysteriously vanished as if into a
bermuda triangle,
leaving us sitting in airports full of p*ssed off people.
we were not alone.
will post more when I am able to sort the pictures,
reminder to self: cannot live below a certain latitude,
too d*mn hot
the humidity pervasive and pushed me up agin the wall
then read lisa emrich's travel tips.
keep cool and remember to take a break when you can
until I can shake this weary feeling

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Silent Independence Day

A Silent Summer Night

It seemed so quiet,
and other little Chinese cardboard things
filled with black powder
that glow or sparkle
(sometimes fizzle like a dud)
sometimes burning
sometimes sparking a fire
that destroys.

For different reasons,
no one bought the fireworks,
some were mandates to prevent
those horrid fires
in the dry parts of the US.

Some were too poor to
the Independence
of our favored country,
the one that helps everyone else,
like a parent,
sacrificing lifeblood and money
so others may be free.

This year a silent celebration,
not one pop did I hear,
no sizzle
no bang
no happy campers.

Did others hear the silence this year?
The politicians busy
cancelling vacation
or did they really?

How independent are we,
when the people cannot celebrate
the independence of our country
because the cost is too great?

I do not want to be so dark
By pointing out the darkness
that there was that special night.
No fireworks,
no poppers,
no sparkling,
just dark.

Will the politicians really think of me,
as they pass those laws while
they are texting their family,
"be back to the beach after this vote"?

Will the politicians hear
the silence that is there,
that night,
that dark, dark night?

Will we sink or swim
in the years to follow?

Will the silence
find its freedom
and ring?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time (again)

Time (again)

It was not so much that I knew more about time or that I feel like some sort of expert,
to be truthful, I really know nothing about time.

That being said, my time lord disclaimer.
No Dr Who here.

It was some scribblings I saw that were done by ? was it my Grandfather Carl?
He wrote about Time.
Wish I could talk to him about what he knew, the paper so 2 dimensional, I wanted to see him, his passion. I wanted to hear him speak, and he died 80 something years ago.

or did he?

And that is where Time gets "funny" (odd funny, not funny funny).

As I ponder all the photos of the universe on the astronomy pic of the day,
what is Time in this whole equation?

Where are we all in the mix, we fragile short lived humans?

I still believe we travel on Time, and to me it looks like a parking garage, or a spiral spring, =(bear with me)
Which is where the deja vu thing come in.
Ok, you might be lost on this.

Time is established by human minds to explain where we are.
We need to catch our bearings, make sense of our surroundings.
We need a framework.

And I have to believe that we never get through things/challenges/difficulties.
Did you ever notice you can try try again and still get no different outcome?
Are you really farther along in time?
Or just on a different level of the parking garage?

And some believe reincarnation always gets better with age...
and I believe we are always infants and masters.

If this is too much for you to accept or assimilate,
just give it a little

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



When is enough
too much,
or too much

When you say
I am done
have you ever gone
a little farther on?

Do we build
in our brains
to keep the bad thoughts
to keep them in?

Do you wonder
wonder if,
do you wonder
you will know?

Why do humans wonder?
Pondering again.
Why must we ponder so,
about a word like

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looking for more about Follicles

He really has the best explanations for how the body is made
and how it works, and when it does not work, why.
He also manages to stimulate deep thought, discussing anatomy
and English in equal levels of mastery.
So I wanted to know more about ova, eggs, human development.
I still want to test my theory that your grandmother is actually your mother,
it is a hard concept initially.
I was told once a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever use.
Well, path guy says a follicle or several will rise to the occasion each month or so.
No one really knows why a certain one or two follicles will pony up, ready to be a person.
I wondered if the planetary gravitational pulls causes one to be brought forth? Which
would validate some of the astrology stuff. Except, that we should be mapping the stars
and planets at conception, not at birth.
Back to pathguy for some reading on this.
If this is too far out there for you,
back to what you were doing,
I want to learn more about

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cabin Fever

My periodontal hygienist was making great small talk,
the kind the a nod, grunt, or raised eyebrow can answer

Cabin Fever she said...
Oh I had not wanted to think that...
Immediately, a mental scan of this past winter
then spring, now a third of summer gone,
I have had
the dreaded
Cabin Fever.

The good news is 9 months post LANAP surgery,
my gums look good, fairly easy cleaning,
and she complemented my flossing.
I wondered if my overall bacterial load had reduced,
the bacteria that none of ever really want to talk about.
The billions in and on our bodies.
Some good, some not so good.

Meanwhile, someone stole 17 million from the taxpayers of VT's largest city
and the prosecutor
has an anemic palsy,
he just can't spend
so much time
on such a dinky case.
suck it up again taxpayers.
You cannot tell me that this does not affect every VT taxpayer.
17 million,
city has to pay, taxpayers suffer
paying a statewide tax.
sorry to get back to this again and again,
no am not sorry.
am sorry so many cannot fight these taxes,
paralyzed with fear, fatigue and being genereally overwhelmed.

where is that cabin fever doctor?